Will there ever be an atheist president

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will there ever be an atheist president

Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World by David Silverman

Fighting God is a firebrand manifesto from one of the most recognizable faces of atheism. In his book, Silverman-a walking, talking atheist billboard known for his appearances on Fox News-discusses the effectiveness, ethics and impact of the in-your-face-atheist who refuses to be silent.

Silverman argues that religion is more than just wrong: it is malevolent and does not deserve our respect. It is our duty to be outspoken and do what we can to bring religion down. Examining the mentality, methods and issues facing the firebrand atheist, Silverman presents an overwhelming argument for firebrand atheism and reveals:

- All religion is cafeteria religion and almost all agnostics are atheists.
- American society grants religion a privileged status, despite the intentions of the Founding Fathers.
- Christian politicians have adversely (and un-Constitutionally) affected our society with regard to science, health, womens rights, and gay rights.
- The notion of atheist Jews is a lie forced on us by religion.
- It is not Islamophobia to observe dangerous teachings and disproportionate violence in Islam.
- Atheists are slowly but surely winning the battle.

Fighting God is a provocative, unapologetic book that takes religion to task and will give inspiration to non-believers and serve as the ultimate answer to apologists.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Atheist or Agnostic?

However, I think it would be difficult for an atheist to be elected president. So while most of us are sick and tired of those who would push their faith on us, when it comes to the ballot box, I think most voters would be afraid to vote for an atheist. Why afraid?
David Silverman

In God we trust: why Americans won’t vote in an atheist president

My name is Marcus ; I am seventeen years old, and I attend one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the United States. Growing up with every mark of privilege has instilled in me the mind-set that I can achieve anything if I work hard enough. I am an atheist. Like many children raised in New England, I grew up in a secular household. God and religion were introduced to me after I learned basic scientific concepts. Christianity struck me as just another myth that had a purpose before scientific discovery but lost its relevance over time.

Atheists are unelectable! Thanks, Bernie Sanders! Eighty percent of U. Atheist presidential candidates would face more resistance from voters than candidates of other religious backgrounds. But Americans have warmed to the idea of an atheist candidate over the past several decades.

Living Waters exists to inspire and equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. They maintain that to date the United States has actually had four presidents who were atheists. All four are listed on websites such as Positive Atheism and Celebrity Atheist with a collection of quotations designed to make them appear atheistic. However, both of these atheist sites are having trouble with the truth. Several factors kept Jefferson from being defeated. In it, he cites four references to God.

I’m an Atheist. Can I Be President?




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