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em foner sci fi author

E.M. Foner (Author of Date Night on Union Station)

I wrote Date Night on Union Station while taking a break from work on a science fiction epic Ive been struggling with for years. The goal was to cheer myself up and to find out if there is still an audience for a science fiction comedy that gets its laughs from dialogue and funny situations rather than from gross-outs and shocks. As many readers have pointed out, the EarthCent series could be rated PG under the old fashioned system, no bloodshed, no graphic sex, no four letter words. And after years of imagining a galaxy for my epic in which multiple human civilizations are at war with each other, it did me a world of good to write about a galaxy where most people are just trying to make a living and find some joy in life. I received so many requests to extend the Date Night universe into a series that I put aside my epic for an extended period to write a sequel, Alien Night on Union Station. The events take place five years after the conclusion of Date Night, and the plot involves a mix of business, diplomacy, gaming and family relations. As a bonus, we finally get to meet Kellys mother. After the positive response to Alien Night, I wrote a third book for the series, High Priest of Union Station, which is currently in the editing stage and due out in mid-October. I just started a book that extends the EarthCent galaxy with a different mission and cast of characters, though they may intersect at some point.
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Foner is the author of the EarthCent Ambassador series. 2) Your Union Station scifi series is unique in a variety of ways, ranging from the lack of profanity, overt violence and gratuitous sex to the use of humor throughout your stories. 3) Compared to standard scifi fare, the.
E.M. Foner

E. M. Foner Science Fiction: EarthCent Ambassador

If you have to ask…. Instantly relatable, this series still has all the action and adventure you could ask for in outer space, but delivered in an hysterically funny, mostly human way. Reminiscent of the best of Anthony or Asprin, this series is an auto-purchase for me and I sought out E. Foner to ask him about it. Foner: That question goes right to the heart of the matter, which is why I starting writing the series and have stuck with it.

Foner is a reputed American writer of science fiction and fantasy novels. He is best known for writing two successful book series, namely, the AI Diaries series and the EarthCent Ambassador series. The latter is particularly very popular and is the one that helped him make his presence felt in the world of science fiction stories. Foner was born and brought up in Northampton, Massachusetts. Prior to choosing the path of novel writing as a career, he was involved in running a small business. Unfortunately, the business suffered a huge loss and left Foner devastated.

E-mail notification of new E. It's full of spoilers for the earlier books, so don't read it if you haven't finished the first sixteen EarthCent Ambassador books. Cast of characters for Soup Night on Union Station. Imagine alien AI Observers have infiltrated Earth to evaluate humanity. Now imagine the Observers are more human than we are.

A couple decades after First Contact with a Proud Merchant Race of benign Artificial Intelligences called the Stryx, humanity has exploded onto the galactic stage Now Kelly Frank, a functionary at the EarthCent consulate on Union Station, struggles to pay her rent on a civil servant's salary while dealing with clashing alien cultures , collectives of school children buying starships with mining rights they don't own, video games that become internationally Serious Business , and a mother who wants grandchildren and calls collect every week to nag her about it. And then, to cap it off, her office manager's daughters get her a gift subscription to a new dating service run by the Stryx themselves.
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Foner is the author of the EarthCent Ambassador series. It was less inspiration than desperation. What made you decide to write the stories with that approach? I embarrass easily, so I try to write books that I can read without blushing. And I tend to be idiosyncratic, so there was probably an unconscious effort to do something different from everybody else. Bad idea from a business standpoint. How do you create such a different universe from other scifi authors?

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