Pregnancy pact where are they now

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pregnancy pact where are they now

The pregnancy pact - Character stuff: Svelt High: Students Showing 1-4 of 4

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17 Girls Official Trailer [HD]: 17 Bored Teenagers Make A Pregnancy Pact

Gloucester High School (Massachusetts)

Established by , Gloucester High School became a four-year institution by Renewal Newell Stadium. Headed by director Daniel Fleury and assistant directors David DiPietro, the high school's music program includes a chorus and a stage band, "The Docksiders". The band has traveled as far away as California and Hawaii to perform. On June 18, , the high school drew international attention as news broke that 18 students had become pregnant in the last year, over four times the previous year's reported pregnancies. Principal Joseph Sullivan claimed that some of the girls had made a pact to become pregnant together, one even seeking a homeless year-old man in her pursuits to conceive. There was definitely no pact [

Everyone's got an opinion about the "pregnancy pact" teens from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Time , which originally publicized the teens alleged agreement to get knocked up together, has an opinion piece from Editor-at-Large Nancy Gibbs about how she thinks everyone is being too judgmental about these beleaguered teens. Her evidence? A couple of mean old blogs referring to the pregnant underyear-olds as "marauding narcissistic sluts. Gibbs suggests that these teens are actually doing the mature thing by having these babies because they're "trying to do the right thing in a difficult situation. Pregnant Gloucester year-old Lindsey Oliver told GMA , "There was a group of girls already pregnant that decided they were going to help each other to finish school and raise their kids together," and to that statement, Gibbs adds, "What if the 'problem' in evidence at Gloucester High has more to do with the rejection of abortion than the acceptance of teen pregnancy?

Rumors began spreading and before they knew it, suddenly Gloucester High School was going baby crazy. Test results sent out mixed reactions amongst the girls who took them; some were devastated to the point of tears, others rejoiced in what they thought was pregnancy luck. Needless to say, the high school staff was bewildered, confused, and morally at a loss for what to do. Pregnancy was becoming epidemic, and with laws to restrict them from passing out birth control methods, they were helpless. Was there any truth to this pact, however? With denial, such a strong theme amongst the group of 18 pregnant teenagers, one who considers her pregnancy completely unintentional, and another who swears none of the girls were even friends, no one was really sure what to make of it.

That's why now, ten years later, we're bringing up the questions that . 9 If There Was No Pact, How Did 18 Positive Pregnancy Tests Happen?.
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Personal Data Collected

The pregnancy rate was four times the annual average number in the small town. National research might be applicable in this case if these girls came from homes where there was no discussion about sexuality. Some may hail from homes that were too strict, where they felt disconnected from their own family and sought to create their own.

But, warned the teen mom from Gloucester, Mass. You lose being able to go out. I know a lot of people that like to go out every night. You lose — you lose everything. As TIME reported this week, 17 girls at the high school have become pregnant this year, with half of them sophomores who had entered into a pregnancy pact. All but one of the seven or eight girls who set out to become pregnant are 15 years old; the other is Most got pregnant by their boyfriends, but one father is reportedly a year-old homeless man.



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    Time's Nancy Gibbs Thinks "Pregnancy Pact" Teens Are Responsible

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    9 Years After 'Pregnancy Pact,' Young Mom Reveals the Truth Behind Nearly a decade later, questions remain about whether or not there was a She later gave birth to Carly, who is now 9 years old and in the 4th grade.

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