I saw anne frank die

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i saw anne frank die

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank by Willy Lindwer

Those complaining that this book doesnt detail every day in the last seven months of Annes life need to stop and realize that the only person with her all that time also died. Millions died. That the author of this book found six women who had spent any time with Anne is remarkable. Expecting to know what happened every day is simply not possible. Given the gravity of the Holocaust and the uphill battle of finding anyone who spent any time with her and knew her name at the time is impressive.

This book does spend more time on the lives of the six women, as is to be expected. This gives a new depth to the travesty of that attempted genocide. So may of those interested in the Holocaust focus on Anne. Sadly not many people even know her sisters name. But the Franks werent the only victims. To understand better we do need to read and appreciate the horrors others went through as well. Lindwer gets two birds with one stone here. He both shows us the stories of others while doing the best job that can be expected at tying them to the most famous Holocaust name aside from Hitler himself.

I first read this book in eighth grade, and have read it at least a dozen times since. It gives perspective when I feel like complaining about my life today. At least Im safe and dont have to fear someone coming to yank me from my home, separate me from my family, then decide who lives and who dies.
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Masterpiece Classic ending of Diary of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was born in the German city of Frankfurt am Main in Unemployment was high and poverty was severe in Germany, and it was the period in which Adolf Hitler and his party were gaining more and more supporters. Hitler hated the Jews and blamed them for the problems in the country. He took advantage of the rampant antisemitic sentiments in Germany. The hatred of Jews and the poor economic situation made Anne's parents, Otto and Edith Frank, decide to move to Amsterdam.

As more and more Holocaust survivors die each year, Konig was compelled a decade ago to break her long silence and join a diminishing group of witnesses who now tell their story in the media and at schools. Anne Frank, at age 12, at her school desk in Amsterdam, Yet Konig was one of the lucky ones to survive. Anne Frank and her older sister, Margot, were among the estimated 50, who perished at Bergen-Belsen in after arriving there from Auschwitz. Their mother, Edith, died at Auschwitz a month before her daughters, just three weeks before the Red Army liberated the death camp. Otto Frank, the sole survivor from his family, already knew his daughters and wife were dead when he came to the rehabilitation center to visit Konig, who is also the only survivor from her family. It was the only way to survive. During their conversation, he said he was still thinking of omitting some of the personal details that Anne included in the diaries, including her tense relationship with her mother and her account of getting her first period.

At the age of , remembering the horrors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. I even danced a little. Willard Scott mentioned my name on television. But such a time is also for reflection. I decided to overcome my long reluctance to revisit terrible times. Older people must tell their stories. I was born in Germany in , got married and had two children in the s.

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Much of the material covered by Anne Frank's diary, up to the time the family was betrayed, is familiar. Details of the final months of her life - told by people who encountered the family during the seven months before liberation in - will be new to almost everyone, and they are harrowing. Jon Blair, who produced and directed Anne Frank Remembered, the two-hour film about her life to be shown on BBC2 this Saturday, admits that often, as he and his film editor sat in a cutting room watching the research material they had assembled, they found themselves in tears. For eyewitness accounts, Blair relied heavily on archive material and research assembled over the past 30 years by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. There he found contemporary film including the only known movie footage of Anne, aged 12 , letters, descriptions of the Frank family by friends, as well as the original of the famous diary. Many people who had known Anne were still alive. Jon Blair contacted them all, recording their extraordinary and moving testimonies to her memory.


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