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most conservative colleges princeton review

The Best 371 Colleges, 2010 Edition by The Princeton Review

What makes The Best 373 Colleges the most popular college guide?

The Best 373 Colleges is a comprehensive college guide written for any student or parent mystified by the confusing college admissions process. This essential college-planning guide, from the experts at The Princeton Review, provides the facts about the best schools in the country, popular college ranking lists, and the information needed to make a smart decision about which schools to consider.

Revealing answers from college students cover each school’s unique character and give you extensive insight into their classes, financial aid, social life, and everything in between. Students are the experts, after all, and we talked to 122,000 of them!

•Unique Financial Aid Rating scores for all 373 schools and list of 100 Best Value Colleges

•One-of-a-kind college rankings reveal the top colleges in 62 categories based on how students at the schools–the real experts! –rated their colleges. The ranking lists include:
-Top Professors  
-Best Financial Aid
-Best Career/Job Placement Services
-Best Classroom Experiences
-Top Party Schools
-Dorms Like Palaces 
-Best Athletic Facilities 
-Best Campus Food
-Most Politically Active Students
-Most Liberal Students
-Most Conservative Students
-Best College Newspaper 
-…and many more!    

•Learn what you can do in high school to prepare yourself for admission to a selective college  

•Get all the application essentials–tuition, admissions criteria, deadlines, phone numbers, addresses, demographics, student/faculty ratios, and most popular majors–for quick reference and easy comparison when you’re narrowing down your choices

•Green college ratings help readers find out if schools are environmentally friendly

•Special section on great colleges for the 15 most popular majors

 What the media is saying about The Best 373 Colleges from The Princeton Review: 

“The offbeat indexes, along with the chattily written descriptions of each school, provide a colorful picture of each campus.”–The New York Times

“The most efficient of the college guidebooks. Has entertaining profiles larded with quotes from students.”–Rolling Stone

“A great book…it’s a bargain.” –CNN

“Our favorite college guidebook.” –Seventeen

“Provides the kind of feedback students would get from other students in a campus visit.” –USA Today
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2018 Best College Rankings on NBC "TODAY" - The Princeton Review

We rank the colleges with the most conservative students, based on ratings and quotes from real students about the politics of the student body.
The Princeton Review

Top 25 Best Value Conservative Colleges

Mercer sorority members petition to change delayed recruitment guidelines. Making a lasting impact: Mercerians in the Peace Corps and Fulbright. Student coaches football alongside professionals. Blossom Onunekwu. A report from the Princeton Review named Mercer the 11th-most politically conservative college in the United States. The ranking makes Mercer the most conservative school in the state and one of only two Georgia schools on the list.

Conservative colleges are politically right-wing, with the majority of the student body favoring conservative positions like; limited government size, gun rights, and outlawing abortion. Many conservative schools are also Christian schools that are more likely to adhere to more traditional social views and rules. These colleges tend to be more strict and regimented than liberal colleges, and typically require students to follow a code of conduct. Based on the Princeton Review rankings for the most conservative colleges in the country, we are taking a look at the top 15 schools known for being conservative. If you consider yourself more conservative politically or religiously and are looking for a school that will fit your lifestyle and beliefs, you may want to consider attending some of the following schools.

The classes are great, the professors are very friendly and make time to have appointments with students if they want. A lot of the professors are also actual professionals such as doctors, dietitians, have phd's, masters, etc. The campus itself is a good size, the facilities are beautiful, gyms are quite large, gym is pretty good, the university even has it's own football, softball, baseball, fields, and a TON of activites for the students. There are plenty of food places around town. I went on so many trips to hot springs, mountain hikes, parks, camping adventures, dirtbiking, stargazing, dunes and much more. BYU-I is amazing if you like a medium sized college experience with tons of outdoor fun, and if you want to meet new people, especially if you want to date.

Find out which law schools have the most conservative students, according to Our ranking list of the colleges with the most conservative students is based on.
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It has been decades since this country — and college campuses — have been so politically charged. From protests about social issues like gun violence and LGBTQ rights to protests blocking far right-wing or left-wing speakers from campus events, college campuses have long been a hotbed of politically charged issues. No doubt universities have, historically , been a stronghold for political thought and activism. These days, while college students are notoriously liberal, there are universities where conservative students make up a majority of the student body. Located in a tight-knit, residential community roughly an hour outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Grove City College is a Christian liberal arts college with a small student body of roughly 2, undergraduates. Kansas State University and the University of Louisianna at Lafayette are the other two large public universities to make the top, coming in 15th and 18th, respectively.


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