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books similar to downton abbey

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Top 10 Best & Worst Downton Abbey Couples

Downton Abbey is headed to the big screen and we expect the movie to feature biting social commentary, opulent historical costumes, and soapy interpersonal relations—just like the beloved hit show did.
Margaret Powell

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This book takes place in , just as World War I is about to begin, right at the same time period of season 1 of Downton Abbey. I loved this book! In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen. Meanwhile, their neighbor and and childhood friend Ben is dispatched by MI-5 to investigate the mysterious parachuter and determine if a spy is in their midst. This is a period piece, spy novel, and love story all wrapped up into one, quite successfully in my opinion! Unfortunately for her, all is not as wonderful as it seems!

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After six seasons and nearly 13 in-show years, Downton Abbey has finally ended. Without spoiling the series finale, suffice it to say that creator Julian Fellowes managed to give fans a cheerful conclusion to the television phenomenon, without the gut-wrenching tragedies that have befallen the cast over the last several years.

Suffering from Downton withdrawal? Here, these will help. The best comedies of manners are often deceptively simple, seamlessly blending social critique with character and story. In his superbly observed first novel, Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey and winner of an Academy Award for his original screenplay of Gosford Park, brings us an insider's look at a contemporary England that is still not as classless as is popularly supposed. As the writer of the pilot episode of the original Upstairs, Downstairs, Fay Weldon brings a deserved reputation for magnificent storytelling. Their son, Harry, is expected to follow in his footsteps, but the boy has dreams of his own, like pursuing the new adventure of aerial flight.

Like most Downton diehards, I was despondent when the series ended on Christmas Day The show certainly had its ups and downs over the course of six seasons, but I felt the same despair leaving those characters behind as I feel when a beloved book ends. Readers have an intimate relationship with the characters in books —their absence is palpable when you reach the end of the story. It feels exactly like missing someone in real life. Since , rumors have been swirling of a Downton Abbey movie in the works, and finally, praise be, that day has arrived.

The slowly developing narrative centers around life's poignant encounters between friends and lovers who later drift apart and yet keep reencountering each other over numerous unfolding decades as they move through the vicissitudes of marriage, work, aging, and ultimately death. When the body of a young woman is found buried along the banks of the Thames in , Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Joe Sandilands juggles the case with an increasingly dangerous assignment protecting an American senator. The U. They are strangers at the start, but their lives will become inextricably intertwined, altered in indelible ways. These very different Gold Star Mothers travel to the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery to say final good-byes to their sons and come together along the way to face the unexpected: a death, a scandal, and a secret revealed. Powell first arrived at the servants' entrance of one of those great houses in the s. As a kitchen maid — the lowest of the low — she entered an entirely new world; one of stoves to be blacked, vegetables to be scrubbed, mistresses to be appeased, and bootlaces to be ironed.


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