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becoming a student midwife book

Becoming A Student Midwife: The Book For Passionate Midwives In The Making by Ellie Durant

Amazing book, I only wish I had read this before I applied last year! I made so many of the mistakes mentioned in the book! This year I have so much more confidence, thanks to the advice and information from this book. Thanks Ellie!
-Gemma, Gloucestershire

‘Becoming a Student Midwife’ is essential reading for anyone wanting to become a midwife in the UK. It is unlike any other book available of its kind for one crucial reason.

It’s simply that it is designed to get you thinking like a midwife! It also crucially features over 50 Interview Questions, Analysis and Answers - something not available anywhere else on or offline.

Topics include:

Making sure Midwifery is right for you
Getting the kind of experience that will get you noticed (in a good way!)
Choosing your UK Midwifery Course and handling UCAS
Writing an kick-ass Personal Statement
The Essential Facts you need to know for your interview
Use Nervousness to your Advantage with my acronym ‘DOPE’ (not that kind of dope) to Combat Anxiety in Interview Situations
Maths and Literacy revision, 2x practice literacy and 2x practice maths tests and markschemes
50 Interview Questions, Analysis and Answers

Whether you are starting out with a dream and don’t know where to begin, or just need to bring your experience together, this book can help. It was written for you by a qualified midwife in conjunction with a Careers Advisor and Midwifery Interviewers.

This book has been sold on for months and has yet to recieve a review that’s less than thrilled.

Feedback and Reviews:

Q+As, inside tips and knowledge, it gets you thinking like a midwife. It’s so competitive to get onto a course, this book is exactly what I was looking for! –Meena, London

Found your book and it has reignited my excitement for midwifery! I am working towards being a student midwife and this has been really reassuring! I can actually do this! –Kim, Leicester

She seems to really remember and understand what it’s like to be at the beginning of your journey. Ellie breaks down every little step for you. — Mirriam, Reading

I …wanted to say a HUGE thank you! I recently like a bolt from the blue realised I want to be a midwife – and then found out how hard it is to get on a course! Your book makes it so simple to see exactly what you need to do! –Josie, Leicester
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Book reviews of New Walk: Midwife Diaries by Ellie Durant

Why do you want to be a midwife? You need to be able to picture yourself being an advocate for women, no matter what their background or personality. To be a midwife you need to be free from prejudice as well as being able to make decisions quickly and having determination. Imagine you are a woman in labour, what would you want? What would matter to you? As we all know, babies are born when they want to be born; they call the shots.

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As good as new. One of the best motivational book I have read! In good condition.

Ordinarily, I avoid e-books. There are some meaty themes in this novel about women, their relationships, their autonomy, their rights, their caring responsibilities and the choices they make — in all areas of life, not just birth. Chloe, the main character, is an engaging narrator. I found the sections of the book about her progress through the first year of her midwifery degree particularly readable. I loved the astute, humorous observations about suddenly becoming immersed in such an intense, responsible role and I enjoyed seeing Chloe navigate all the complex joys and politics of placement. I tried to step outside myself and assess whether these sections would appeal to somebody without a connection to the world of midwifery and I think they would. Overall, this novel is a delight and I think most readers will find something within it to capture their attention and draw them into the plot.

As good as new. One of the best motivational book I have read! In good condition. Postage will be extra. Glenn Toole, Susan Toole Never used, v good condition. It is in very good condition, all pages are clear from any pen ink or writing. The edges around the book are damaged, in a condition what the average student would find his or her book in after a week of use.


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    Becoming a Student Midwife: The Survival Guide for Passionate Applicants - Second Edition: Ellie Durant: Books.

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    I've written a book for you that I desperately wanted 8 years ago when starting to apply for midwifery: 'Becoming a Student Midwife: The Survival Guide For.

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    There are SOO many things I thought I needed when I started and have barely touched and other things which I had never considered and ended up being so important to me.

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