Quentin blake 10 picture books collection

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quentin blake 10 picture books collection

Clown by Quentin Blake

I have actually heard of Quentin Blake’s works from the many Roald Dahl books I have read as a child and I was actually surprised to read a book written by Quentin Blake himself. “Clown” is a children’s book by Quentin Blake and it is about how a small toy clown comes to life and tries to help the other toys that were thrown in the trash can find a new home. “Clown” is a cute story that children who love reading about toys will enjoy, but the illustrations might take some time getting used to.

Since this is a wordless picture book, I loved the way that Quentin Blake tells the story through his illustrations. Quentin Blake’s illustrations effectively told the story about a small toy clown trying to find a new home for the other toys and I loved how the illustrations told the story such as having an illustration of the clown running around the city or an illustration of the clown being chased by a large yellow dog. I especially loved the way that Quentin Blake illustrated the clown as having a white clown suit with a purple necktie, blond hair, a small blue hat and a smile on its face as it sort of represents the hope that it brings to the story. I also loved how Quentin Blake made this story extremely cute and heartwarming, especially of the scenes of the clown trying to find a new home for the other toys. I loved the theme about how being kind-hearted towards others has its own rewards and even though the clown had gone through so many obstacles in his quest to help the other toys, his deed is rewarded towards the end and it was the ending of this book that really made me feel so warm inside.

The reason why I gave this book a four star rating is because of the illustrations. While I liked the fact that the story was really cute and heartwarming, the illustrations sort of contrasted that by being a bit dark and dreary. The illustrations are not so dark and dreary that it would scare smaller children, but it would make children who read this book think about what kind of story this is. Also, there are a lot of grey coloring around the backgrounds that sort of gave this book a dreary feel. Even though I have always enjoyed Quentin Blake’s illustrations, especially with his work in Roald Dahl’s books, I felt that they sort of clashed too much with the story of this book and probably the only illustration that I felt fit the sweet nature of the story was of the clown itself as it has a white outfit and has a smile on its face on every page.

Overall, “Clown” is a really cute book about the importance of performing kind deeds for people and how having a kind heart can produce its own rewards. I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the illustrations might be too dreary for some small children to handle.
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Quentin Blake is a collaboration between Tate and London 's new House of Illustration, published to coincide with the gallery's inagural exhibition, Inside Stories , a landmark show by Quentin Blake. Quentin Blake is one of the best-known and most highly regarded illustrators of our time. Internationally celebrated for his partnership with Roald Dahl, throughout his fifty year career he also extended collaboration with other authors such as Russel Hoban, John Yeoman, and Michael Rosen. He created children's books of his own and illustrated adult classics by Cervantes, Cyrano de Bergerac, Voltaire, and La Fontaine. In recent years his work has appeared extensively on the walls of museums, hosptials, and other public spaces. Joanna Carey's essay is a brilliant survey of Blake's oeuvre, at once intimate, perceptive and illuinating, and written with an exuberance matching that of her subject. Convert currency.

A much-loved illustrator famed for his iconic association with Roald Dahl's tales, Quentin Blake is also a brilliant and witty writer in his own right and his stories are an absolute joy. This fun-filled collection brings together ten picture books that are sure to delight.
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