Books on south african culture

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books on south african culture

Popular South African History Books

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Published 04.02.2019

Fetty Wap and his wives: First Wife's now in office

10 best South African books to read before you visit

This page may contain affiliate links. South Africa has a complicated history. Apartheid only ended 23 years ago, and although the country has undergone massive changes since then, the effects are still felt today. The Invictus film is also worth seeing but the book is much more detailed. It focuses on his childhood, both pre and post apartheid, as a mixed race child at a time when his parents relationship was against the law. His stories are both funny and tragic as he struggles to find his place in a world where he wasn't supposed to exist. The horrors of apartheid are hard to hear but the ability of many of the victims to forgive is impressive.

The unit is a component of the Cultural Development section whose strategic focus is the advancement of the economic potential of creative industries to contribute job creation, reduction of poverty and skills development. Our strategic objective in the book sector is to promote a culture of reading and writing and develop a sustainable book industry that supports equitable development of all South African languages. Our strategic intervention in the sector is aligned with the objectives of the Mzansi Golden Economy MGE strategy, which among other things, aims to create an enabling environment for the mainstreaming of the arts sector as an important contributor to job creation, poverty reduction and skills development. Working with the book sector stakeholders, we initiate, support and implement strategies to engender wider audiences for South African literature and enhance the development of a dynamic book sector that is globally competitive. A widespread culture of reading would create a more knowledgeable society, contribute to the acquisition of skills and advance the economic contribution of the book sector. The Department of Arts and Culture is committed to the preservation, development and promotion of South African literature in all its forms and genres.

A History of South Africa (1998) By Frank Welsh

This post may contain compensated links. Please read our disclaimer for additional information. I have spent a number of years both living and working in South Africa and Botswana and love reading books about South Africa especially when I am a little homesick. I love reading about destinations before I go as it gives me a sense of the place and information about its history, people and culture. This is my selection of the best South African books to read before you visit. I am constantly adding new books to my best book lists so why not check out my Amazon shop which has even more great South African books to read! Find out all about his background and life in South Africa before he became the well known presenter we all know.


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    Before you visit, it’s worthwhile to read up about South Africa’s diverse heritage to prepare you for the vibrant, multicultural experience that awaits you. That being said, here are ten essential fiction and non-fiction books to read. Cry, The Beloved Country is one of South.

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