Longest book title 670 words

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longest book title 670 words

Books with Really Long Titles (1301 books)

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The longest book title belongs to Nigel Tomm, whose book title consists of 3, characters (with spaces) or words. The full title is.
Mark Haddon

What is the Longest Book Title in the World?

The longest title of a book consists of 11, characters, achieved by Srijan Timilsina Nepal in Lalitpure, Nepal, on 19 February The title of the book is: The historical development of the Brain i. How they formed and how did they survive in this Earth? What was their habitat and how did they adopt themselves to the changing environment? What did they find and what they eat?

Explores the world through literature, movies, words, and quotes for the intellectually curious. Subramonian, the former principal of Dr. It features an 8-page pull-out section with stereoscopic color photos from the Harry Potter movies. The character of Harry Potter portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe has had a great influence on the youth. Hence I have written a book on him. His virtues of charity, humility and the urge to excel in life in the face of challenges will help children and youth look up to him as a role model. On Amazon, the book is simply listed as: Daniel Radcliffe… 1, words.

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News18 test sharma. Coimbatore: Seeking an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records , a college principal on Monday released a book with the longest title of " words with characters and no space. The book is the first one in the world written by an Indian author about a Hollywood actor, Subramonian told news agency PTI. The book contains 3-D pictures from the movie, which can be viewed with the help of an anaglyph glass supplied free with the book, he said. The Guinness authorities have sent him a letter permitting to attempt for a World record in a new category, he said.


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