Its normal book in marathi

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its normal book in marathi

Shahenshah by ना. सं. इनामदार [N.S. Inamdar]

One of the famous Marathi novel. Amazing work done by N.S. Inamdar and beautiful translation by Vikrant Pande. This book is for those who want to understand Aurangzeb.I already read Rau (Bajirao Mastani movie based on ) translated by the same author.

A good, comprehensive Biography of cruel emperor Aurangzeb, the Mughal King who was practically the last of the bigoted Mughal. So basically this book 3 parts; Subedar of Deccan, King, Jihadi.

The book mostly goes conversation which make it an easy and fast read.

While the personal life of Aurangzeb and his zenankhana (wives and concubines and family) is well-depicted, his religious fundamentalism, the abrupt declaration of Jihad against Rajputs, Marathas and Sikhs, the re-imposition of Jizya (yearly taxes on non muslim) all mentioned in this book.

He murdered his own brothers, jailed his own father, daughter and son, behead Sikh guru Tegh Bahadur and villain of Shivaji and Sambhaji. He was the one who with his long lived life & an unclaimed, huge power over complete Hindustan is explored in this novel. Its where u get to know the cruelest and most extreme emperor of India. Emperor Aurangzeb, who had a very long rein and who did what he wanted to do, otherwise of situations. He was obstinate, he was politician who had learn politics through living it so would not move back in any of his decisions, even if it was hurting his own family.

This book also focuses on other side of Emperor Aurangzeb. The author has given a brief view on Aurangzeb’s early life too. He devoted himself completely to the affairs of his state, was ambitious, hardworking, clever, and a deeply religious person. He tried to establish Mughal rule all over India and somewhat succeeded too. But then due to some of his decisions, the cruelty by which he imposed those decisions on his people and of course due to Maratha military resurgence under Shivaji Maharaj, he had to see terminal decline in his reign. He tried to centralise power and so he had to throughout his life be on war field as one after another rebelled against him. His half the life went in over running Marathas, but till end of life he tried to defeat them but he couldnt. Even after killing Sambhaji Raje.

The death of Aurangzeb set in motion the beginning of the end of the mughal. He died without naming anyone as the successor. Much against his last wishes, the sons immediately took to fighting amongst each other as soon as Aurangzeb died. The same way Aurangzeb did with his brothers to become emperor of mughal empire. I guess karma work on its own way.
It was fast paced and the pace was maintained till the end.

Those who want to read real history should read History of Aurangzib by Jadunath Sarkar. Its is the most authoritative account of Aurangzeb.

Now fact :
Aurangzeb responsible for GENOCIDE of 4.6 MILLION Hindus as Per NY TIMES data & research.
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ना. सं. इनामदार [N.S. Inamdar]

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