The key of hell book

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the key of hell book

The Keys of Hell (Paul Chavasse, #3) by Jack Higgins

This classic Higgins thriller has never before been published in the United States. British expatriate Paul Chavesse makes his living running arms and intelligence from Italy to the oppressive communist country of Albania. But when the Albanian government begins a religious purge, Paul finds himself in a deadly race to recover a priceless relic that has protected the faithful for generations.
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Clavis Inferni: Key of Hell by Cyprianus. Published by Aeon Sophia Press

The Key of Hell: an 18th-Century Manual on Black Magic

Cyprianus was, by all accounts, a shady character. Cyprian of Antioch , a powerful Greek wizard who was famed as a demon-summoner before converting to Christianity. The title is Clavis Inferni The Key of Hell and the images are magnificent and thrillingly mysterious:. Wellcome Images. The Latin text reads Qui facis mirabilia magna solus finis coronat opus.

This is what an authentic book of magical spells looks like. And yet another tradition traces the name back to St. Cyprian of Antioch, a powerful Greek wizard who was famed as a demon-summoner before converting to Christianity. The Latin text reads Qui facis mirabilia magna solus.
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Cyprianus: Clavis Inferni facsimile edition. The manuscript itself may well fit into the Solomonic cycle of magical Grimoires as it is chiefly influenced by Agrippas Three Books of Occult Philosophy where the author has used the Passing the River script found in Agrippas book and by the Heptameron , which contains conjuration spells that are similar to the ones found in the present manuscript. There are also signs of influence, or at least evidence that the author had access to,other texts including The Grimoire of Pope Honorius and The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses, both of which appear to be the source for the particular spellings of the names of Demon Kings used in the Clavis, indeed the use the word Clavis itself points the Solomonic cycle. Thus confirming that this is a classic grimoire for that tradition. This book is intriguing not only because of the mystical feeling one gets when looking upon the illustrations, symbols, text and glyphs so richly inscribed upon its pages, but also because of its captivating title: Clavis Inferni sive magia alba et nigra approbata Metratona, which translates to Key of Hell with White and Black Magic approved by Metatron. By this title, the author clearly states that the workings of magical practice herein, with their formulas and words of magical significance, have had their effectiveness tested and proven under the supervision and with the blessings of none other than the archangel Metatron himself.


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