Drop the worry ball book

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drop the worry ball book

Drop the Worry Ball: How to Parent in the Age of Entitlement by Alex Russell

How to avoid being a helicopter parent--and raise well adjusted, truly independent childrenIn an age of entitlement, where most kids think they deserve the best of everything, most parents are afraid of failing their children. Not only are they all too willing to provide every material comfort, theyve also become overly involved in their childrens lives, becoming meddlesome managers, rather than sympathetic advocates. In Drop the Worry Ball, authors Alex Russell and Tim Falconer offer a refreshing approach to raising well-adjusted children--who are also independent and unafraid to make mistakes.

In this practical sensible book, parents will truly understand the dynamics between parents and their children, especially the tendency of children to recruit their parents to do too much for them. The book also counsels that failing--whether its a test, a course, or a tryout for a team--is a natural part of growing up, and not a sign of parental incompetence.Shows how to resist the pressure to become over involved in your childs lifeHow to retire as a gatekeeper or manager of your childs life, and become a genuine source of supportBuild trusting relationships with teachers, coaches, camp counselors, and other authority figures--so they can play an effective role in your childs lifeUnderstand problems such as ADHD, anxiety, and substance abuse

A guidebook for parenting courageously and responsibly--allowing your kids to be who they are while building structures that keep them safe--Drop the Worry Ball is a must for any parent who wishes to be and do their very best.
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When I was growing up, life involved lots of unsupervised playtime.
Alex Russell

Dr. Alex Russell: Drop The Worry Ball

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Attention anxious, hovering mothers and fathers. Toronto psychologist Alex Russell has a few ideas that might soothe your nerves and help your entitled children start to grow up. First, drop your worry ball, as the title of his new book suggests. If you put it down, then the kids can pick it up. And that means they can take over worrying about the stuff in their lives that is truly their own responsibility.

Drop The Worry Ball [Alex Russell, Tim Falconer] on inti-revista.org *FREE* shipping on "This is a daring, delightful, and transformative book." ―Arianna.
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Drop the Worry Ball

When it comes to books, I can be very picky on what I am reading. This book, is by far a must have for ALL parents. At first I figured it was going to be one of those books that says, oh you are doing this wrong and should be doing it like this. Yep, I judged the book by its cover at first. I do that. Who am I?

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I remember story after story my dad would tell me about his childhood, how him and his brothers he had 5 by the way, yes 5 brothers! When he and my mother raised me not a whole lot had changed, we lived in the same safe small community he was raised in and my friends lived close by. I did any homework I had by myself and rules were few but I followed them. Sometimes too anxious as Dr. About the Book.


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    After reading the book, I would agree and would recommend it to any parent either currently struggling with an adolescent son or proactively seeking guidance as to sound parenting practices.

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