The second wives club book

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the second wives club book

The Second Wives Club by Jane Moore

It’s Ex-Wives versus Next Wives in this latest novel from bestselling author Jane Moore—a sexy tale of modern (re)marriage, packed with razor-sharp wit and high-stakes drama.

It’s Alison’s wedding and she and her groom, Luca, have just exchanged vows and are preparing to cap off their perfect day at the reception. But before the champagne even hits the crystal stemware, Luca’s first wife storms in and makes it clear that she intends to remain very much a part of his life. When the fuss has died down, Alison finds an ally in Fiona, who confides that a few women she knows have recently started something called the Second Wives Club—a group of female friends who get together to bitch and gossip about the drama that inevitably unfolds when you marry someone else’s husband.
The club’s founding members include Julia, a stunning self-proclaimed trophy wife whose husband insists on remaining uncomfortably close to his former spouse; Susan, whose live-in boyfriend is the classic widower who can’t let go of his beloved ex’s memory; and, of course, Fiona, whose cross to bear is the teenage stepson from hell and an ex who’s bent on sabotaging her relationship. Fortunately, the Club gives them a place to vent, and together they contend with malicious rumors, scheming divorce lawyers, and ex-wives intent on revenge—until they decide that it’s time to stop settling for second best . . . and then the fun really begins.

Told with Moore’s signature wit, wisdom, and sass, The Second Wives Club proves that second wives can be every bit as winning as the girl next door—and offers a dishy, unputdownable look at the modern marital love triangle.
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Veronika Obeng and Tania Mehra Struggle With Their Feud - Second Wives Club - E!


Jun 06, ISBN As therapeutic for heartbreak as a voodoo doll. Read An Excerpt. Ebook —. Also by Jane Moore. Product Details.

Are you or someone you know a second wife? Join the Club and learn the six secrets of successful second marriages. Learn how you can have wedded bliss while avoiding the pitfalls that second marriages bring. Lenore F. Millian, PhD, is a second wife and a licensed clinical psychologist.

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It's Alison's wedding day, her gorgeous husband Luca is by her side, and everything is just perfect. Perfect that is, until Luca's first wife gatecrashes the reception and makes it clear that she's going to remain very much part of his life A stunned Alison soon finds an ally in Fiona, a founding member of The Second Wives Club and similarly plagued by her husband's ex. There she's introduced to Julia, whose husband has stayed best friends with his first wife - to Julia's intense irritation - and to long suffering Susan whose entire life is surrounded by reminders of her partner's saintly former wife. For the women, The Second Wives Club is a refuge and a lifesaver: somewhere to bitch and to gossip and to share horror stories about the exes' latest excess. But maybe if they all have the same problem they can work together on a solution?

Thank you! Moore Love at First Site , , etc. What if blonde Julia forced her husband James to leave his first wife Deborah to be with her, or petite beauty Alison set her heart on married father of two Luca when they got stuck in a lift together? Adultery and scheming are not to be held against the four Sex and the City -like heroines who have been cursed with getting what they wanted. Now they must live with the consequences and the baggage. Fiona, second wife of David, is the hate-object of her sulky adolescent stepson Jake.


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    The Second Wives Club

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    Start by marking “The Second Wives Club” as Want to Read: It’s Ex-Wives versus Next Wives in this latest novel from bestselling author Jane Moore—a sexy tale of modern (re)marriage, packed with razor-sharp wit and high-stakes drama. It’s Alison’s wedding and she and her groom.

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    I am a stepmother and second wife myself. The book was a very good, entertaining read. There are many first wives that are amazingly vindictive - you would be.

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