Selling the invisible book review

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selling the invisible book review

Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing by Harry Beckwith

A treasury of hundreds of quick, practical, and easy-to-read strategies - few are more than a page long - Selling the Invisible will open your eyes to new ideas in this crucial branch of marketing including why focus groups, value-price positioning, discount pricing, and being the best usually fail; the critical emotion that most influences your prospects - and how to deal with it; the vital role of vividness, focus, anchors, and stereotypes; the importance of Halo, Cocktail Party, and Lake Wobegon Effects; marketing lessons from black holes, grocery lists, the Hearsay Rule, and the fame of Pikes Peak; dozens of proven yet consistently over-looked ideas for research, presentations, publicity, advertising, and client retention...and much more.
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Published 12.02.2019

The Secret of Selling Anything Audiobook (Full)

Start by marking “Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing” as Want to Read: If there is a book that says the word "service" couple million times, it's "Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing". Harry Beckwith heads Beckwith Partners, a marketing.
Harry Beckwith

Selling the Invisible - A Field Guide to Modern Marketing

Bernd Schmitt also has much of great value to say about this in Experiential Marketing as do B. Joseph Pine and James H. Beckwith shares an abundance of information and advice, duly acknowledging various sources from which he has obtained some of the material. I do not damn him with faint praise. His own contributions are first-rate.

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'Selling the Invisible' business book review

Small Business Marketing. An empty box. A service is like an empty box. Can I ashamedly say that I saw this book for years, ignored it and, then, purchased it two years ago? Going through my bookshelf the other day, I decided to revisit it and share some of the brilliance of Mr. Beckwith with you.


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    For a book about sales and marketing it is probably a sound principle to uphold because, even by standards, the cover is quite boring.

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    Book Review: Selling the Invisible

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    Selling the Invisible: Book Summary from TCI Management Consultants

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