Why do christians get sick

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why do christians get sick

Why Christians Get Sick by George Malkmus

Why Christians Get Sick is an excellent book that I think all Christians should read. I dont agree 100% with everything George Malkmus teaches, but most of what he advises is dead on.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and his life (and many others) has been a testament to this. When diagnosed with cancer, he shunned the modern medicine route of cutting and burning and chose to try something less painful (and more successful, by the way). Genesis 1:29 was the foundation of his diet and the results were amazing.

Ive personally implemented some of the principles in the past and I know they work. Unfortunately, change is not easy. But, if you choose to follow his advice, youll be amazed at how much better you feel.

I definitely believe that a lot of our health problems are self-inflicted. Not all, but most. Remember the law of sowing and reaping. Obviously, God gave us the story of Job and we know that he didnt deserve his illness.

Now, I know that in very advanced stages of cancer there is a point where nothing (but a miracle from God) can heal you. Also, after going through chemo and radiation, it is very difficult for the body to heal itself since the immune system may now be damaged beyond repair.

This book can potentially change your life and if you are dealing with illness, do read it! If you choose to make the change, you wont be sorry.
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PASTOR CHRIS: Should a Christian be sick?

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George Malkmus

I’m a Good Christian. So Why Am I Sick and Poor?

As Christians, although we know that everything is created by God, that God gave us our very breath and that God rules and arranges the life and death of man, we can still feel at a loss as to what to do when confronted by sickness. I was therefore confused about this matter: When sickness befalls us, how should we experience it in order to be able to face it calmly and to have true faith in God? I shall here share my small, simple bit of understanding with my brothers and sisters in the hope that it will be of some help to you all. Actually, no matter what kind of sickness we get, we should not blame God or misunderstand God, because sickness comes from Satan, because it came about after we were corrupted by Satan. Because of what did people first have these things?

Scripture: Exodus Denomination: Baptist. At the time of his diagnosis, this young pastor was not even forty years of age, a husband and the father of young children. He was given months to live. Chandler is still alive today.

Large crowds of locals gathered to demonstrate against plans to construct a big new church in a park in the center of the city. And despite facing intimidation, arrests, and the disapproval of both regional and federal politicians, not to mention the huge authority of the Russian Orthodox Church, the protesters prevailed. President Vladimir Putin had said he would approve the verdict of a referendum—though he evidently did not expect the resulting vote, which was heavily against the construction of the church. A recent opinion poll recorded that 79 percent of Russians think of themselves as Orthodox Christians. But the church does not command obedience. Thirty years ago, at the end of the Soviet era, it would have been unthinkable—an anathema—for the public to protest against the construction of a church.

Who’s To Blame?

The topic that is most pressing for me as I write this issue is the problem of sickness. My counseling mentor, Charles Solomon just had surgery to remove a cyst on his liver; the cyst reportedly weighed seven pounds! And, closer to home, I came down with a virus of some kind and have been sick for about three days—an unusual condition for me. I assume everyone has some family member or friend who has been, or is being affected by illness. Do you ever wonder why people get sick? In his book, None of These Diseases, Dr. I McMillen gives convincing evidence that many modern health problems can be avoided if we live according to biblical principles.


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