Take a drink on me

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take a drink on me

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Published 18.02.2019

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Whiskey, gin and brandy With a glass I'm pretty handy I'm trying to walk a straight line On sour mash and cheap wine So join me for a drink boys We're gonna make a big noise. So don't worry about tomorrow Take it today Forget about the cheque We'll get hell to pay. Dizzy, drunk and fighting On tequila white lightning My glass is getting shorter On whiskey, ice and water So come on and have a good time And get blinded out of your mind. Gonna roll around Gonna hit the ground Take another swing Have another drink Gonna drink it dry Gonna get me high Come on all the boys Make a noise. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter.

I'm in the club like bottles on me Lungs all drinkin Baby girl tell me wat yur sippin, sippin Tell me what it is I'l get it, get it [? I'm dressed so fresh gotta brush myself off And baby girl dancing like a stripper, stripper She looks so good, I could kiss, kiss her I'm all in the air tryna whisper, shh like Baby what you gona do with all that girl Leme get close, leme get up in there Come home to my crib, she was like yeah Next thing you know she ridin with a millionaire. All the girls in the club goin crazy All the girls in the club goin crazy What your friends want, want, what they, what they sippin at Let me n trey know we'll get it, get it. Goes so hard Want it swiping for the card Drinks on me Mee Drinks on me Girl you know it's all on me [x2]. I go so hard, so hard, so ha-a-a-ard Yeh they know my name at the ba-ba-ba-bar Ballin in the club we a-a-a-are All the bottles are-a-a-a-a-ah I go so hard. I go so hard, so hard, so ha-a-a-ard Yeh they know my name at the ba-ba-ba-bar Ballin in the club we a-a-a-are All the bottles are-a-a-a-a-ah.

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  1. Adorlee V. says:

    What type of art is picasso known for how many sailor moon manga are there

  2. Roger L. says:

    Have a Drink On Me Lyrics: Whiskey, gin and brandy / With a glass, I'm pretty handy / I'm tryin' to walk a straight So, join me for a drink, boys Take it today.

  3. Alexander B. says:

    We are incredibly excited to return to Clifton Park on Saturday May 2nd for the Have a Drink on Me 5k-Mark your calendars now, this race will sell out!

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