Sins in islam of having a boyfriend

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sins in islam of having a boyfriend

Islam - What is your opinion on a Muslim having a girlfriend/boyfriend? Showing 1-50 of 56

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Published 18.02.2019

YOUTUBE Q&A: Gf/bf Haram? Why 100 Lashes? Atheism? Still a Muslim? Music? - Dr. Shabir Ally

February 21, by ayshawazwaz. Asalam alykum i know it may sound like a dumb question but whats so bad about having a boyfriend if your not going to do anything with him whatsoever?

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Zina fornication has become a common place occurrence within the Muslim Youth community, and the Muslim girls and boys have sadly fallen prey to the snares of Western society. The answer is that although most parents are strict where their children are concerned, they do not take the time to talk and explain to them about the seriousness of Zina. Such an action is like ordering a two year old child not to touch the power point. What do you think the child will do? The following article highlights ways in which we can teach our children to shun this corrupt act. In Islam, there is no such thing as a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Is it a sin to kiss your girlfriend before marriage in Islam? 2, Views Having a girlfriend/boyfriend is Haram/prohibited/forbidden in Islam.
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Why is having a boyfriend harram on women? And having a girlfriend harram on men?

Skip to content. An Iranian woman holds up her hand, painted with henna, under a religious sentence as she prepares for a wedding ceremony in the city of Qeshm on Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf, November 1, The sentence reads, "In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful. Shaikh's parents are Muslim and they lived in India at the time of their wedding back in the s. He was born there too, but when he was 3, they all moved to the US. At home, "there was no such thing as the words dating or relationships.

Exposing the intimate parts of the body is unlawful in Islam as the Quran instructs the covering of genitals, and for adult females the breasts. Exposing them is regarded as sin. Precisely which body parts must be covered varies between different schools of Islamic thought. The Quran admonishes Muslim women to dress modestly and cover their breasts and genitals. None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness. I am the LORD [4]. The term continues to be used in many other sources of Jewish law and is still used in modern Hebrew today to mean either prohibited sexual acts or sexual organs.

Source : islamonline. Is that allowed in Islam? If it is yes, how could we show that to the person we love without causing fitnah? Answer: Islam teaches us to be truthful and realistic. Usually, we love for the sake of Allah and we hate for the sake of Allah.


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    Addictions / mariage / boyfriend ! Help !! - IslamiCity Forum - Islamic Discussion Forum

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    Preventing the Girlfriend-Boyfriend Relationship - Muslim Marriage Guide

  3. Carol R. says:

    It is forbidden for a male Muslim to have a girlfriend, as it is forbidden for a female for a Muslim boy to have a girlfriend or for a Muslim girl to have a boyfriend. Howsoever pure your intentions may be, the danger is that it will lead you to sin.

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    I know that Allah forbids girlfriend-boyfriend relationships, and feel very from sin and do not refuse any who come to them (for immoral purposes). Among the stories that show that it is forbidden to have girlfriends or to.

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