Design my own tiny house

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design my own tiny house

Tiny House Design & Construction Guide by Dan Louche

I loved this book. It was one of the first, along with Dee Williams Go, House, Go that were published in the latest wave. (Of course, Jay Shafers own tiny house, and his designs made me want to do this in the first place, ten years ago.) It made it possible for me to actually plan and design my house, and give me the inspiration to build it.

Fortunately for the nearby emergency room, EMTs and the peace of mind of all my family members, (Mom and Daughter) Fate stepped in and provided a builder and the cash to accomplish the task.
My design, built to almost my plans, is a delight to live in.

Dans design without a loft, and with a high ceiling was an inspiration. I have more doors and windows, and two skylights; because of my limited vision, I needed as much natural light as possible. I thought inside the box to fit beams to hold up small storage lofts that dont cover up the ceiling, and only need a step-stool to access the contents. and can be removed entirely if I decide I need even less than I have now. Or they can be moved, just like in a dolls house.
Also, I have moveable storage and furniture, making it easy to change furnishings and even to empty it out pretty well for redecorating, (or moving, if thats the way I want to go) and no walls, just curtains, because I live alone, and I can have whatever I want. Its open, airy, bright, and colorful, because who wants to live in a wooden coffin? I can live here until I die, which is the plan. I hope to have many more happy years here, or there, or wherever, in my tiny home which just needs a garden hose and a 20-30 amp outlet nearby. Ive only had 20, and sometimes it trips when the heat is going full blast, and I forget and add the toaster oven to the load. Oops! A push of the reset button after I turn off the heater temporarily is all it takes to get up and cooking again. Home, sweet home.

Thanks, Don.
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Tiny House Couple Plans for Family in their Stunning Design

The tiny house movement is all about downsizing your lifestyle so you can live a more fulfilling life without a lot of debt or a huge mortgage hanging over your head.
Dan Louche

84 Tiny Houses That Will Convince You to Downsize

I wanted to include a basic outline to show you the steps I took to build my tiny house. It can be an intimidating process at first, but this list should help eliminate some of your worry and confusion. Building a tiny house is completely doable! For a more comprehensive guide, check out: How to Build a Tiny House. A detailed guide on how to build your own tiny house using any set of plans or your own design. But first, please read through this step-by-step tiny house checklist to get the scope of the project.

Add more products. Ever dreamed of designing your very own tiny house? Housing prices are on the rise , there are continual problems with urban density , and our impact on the environment is more noticeable than ever. In comes the tiny house, a design trend that has gained more and more momentum in recent years, with the potential to save the day. Image: Shacky. It is just like a normal house, but smaller.

You heard it here first, folks: Living large or even medium-sized is officially a thing of the past! Settling in a tiny house is more than just a trend; it's a lifestyle choice that people all over the country are happily taking up. And today, we're here to show you the best of the best tiny homes —i. Because face it: Many structures can measure less than feet With ideas this stylish and innovative though, small-sized homes are more than just a possibility; they're a really, really good decision waiting to happen. So whether you're hoping to cash in on a new vacation home somewhere high in the hills or completely downsize, there's bound to be at least one home on our list that speaks to your style, taste, and decor sensibilities.

Design Your Tumbleweed Tiny House RV. Select everything from colors to cabinet finish and get a customized quote just for you.
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