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watch dustin diamond sex tape

Behind the Bell by Dustin Diamond

For the first-time, Diamond presents the inside story of the young cast from Saved by the Bell that the viewing public thought were so lucky . . .Learn the dark, behind-the-scenes story of the cast and crews extreme lifestyle: sex, drugs, and wild partiesPost-Bell, discover how Diamond used his natural comedic talents to overcome being typecast as a child actor and how he reinvented himself through stand-up comedy and reality TV. Working in Hollywood might represent an American Dream, but for many youngsters it is a true nightmare. Dustin Diamond is best known for his character Samuel Screech Powers in the late 80s and 90s on the long-running American TV teen sitcom Saved by the Bell (SBTB). Diamonds new book gives readers the disheartening story of an ex-child star. Dustin faced serious challenges moving his career beyond his comic role as the smart, funny, and endearing nerd of Bayside High School on the show that made him an audience favorite. Through his eyes, we uncover Hollywoods myths.
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Then, when Dustin was in his 20s, he went to extremes to shed his geeky image, and, in , he released a sex tape called Screeched. Watch.
Dustin Diamond

Screech’s Sex Tape Follies

TMZ has obtained portions of the latest celebrity sex tape, featuring former "Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond, who played Screech. To say the least, the video is unique and, dare we say, entertaining. David Hans Schmidt, who has become famous in the sex tape industry by peddling videos featuring Paris Hilton, Colin Farrell and others, claims ownership to the Screech tape. It was shot in a hotel. Diamond is holding the camera and narrating, as he engages two women in various combinations and positions. The tape begins with Diamond in a bathtub, narrating what's to come.

Has anyone come out of SBTB unscathed? What Job wants to put up with someone with a Huge Attitude and a bigger mouth????? I know the girl in the porn personaly! She is only 25 now do if it was made in he would have big problems! Her name is Mary and she is not a prostitute just going and dumb!

"The sex tape is the thing that I am most embarrassed about," Dustin Making That Sex Tape Almost As Much As You Regret Watching It.
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Yes, we know, our world is shattered too ahem. Speaking in an interview with The Daily Beast, Dustin explained how the whole sex tape idea was just a way to make money and even HE isn't stupid enough to get his actual peen out on film. Describing how he saw everyone from Colin Farrell to Paris Hilton doing the deed on camera, he says: "My buddy and I were sitting on the couch and [Paris'] video came on the news, and they were saying that it was confirmed that she had business relations with this video and was making money off of each one sold. So my friend said, 'Damn, buddy! A Screech video's gotta be worth at least a million!

Actor Dustin Diamond won the hearts of "Saved by the Bell" viewers as Samuel "Screech" Powers, one of the most popular nerds of the '90s. You're a professional and you got to know your lines and rehearse and practice. It was making sure that you were the funniest and the best that you can be because if you weren't funny, you could be replaced. Diamond played the role of Screech for 12 years and was 23 when the series ended. As I mature I realize, wow, I was kind of going through my rebellious teens in my 20s.


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