How to play the violin for dummies

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how to play the violin for dummies

Violin for Dummies by Katharine Rapoport

Take a bow and start playing tunes with this friendly guide
Whether youre an aspiring classical musician or you just want to fiddle around, Violin For Dummies will have you making music in not time. This interactive book-and-CD-ROM package makes it easy with step-by-step instruction on everything from simple tunes to show-stopping techniques. With coverage of musical styles including classical, country, and jazz, this is the ultimate guide to the violin.
Discover how to:
* Choose the right violin and accessories
* Develop correct violin and bow hold
* Understand the language of music
* Play classical, country, gypsy, and jazz
* Tune, change strings, and perform simple maintenance Get Smart
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MP3 files of every song and exercise from the book.
Video clips demonstrating techniques to help you pick up and play.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
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Notes on Violin (First Position)

Learn violin

By Katharine Rapoport. With all of its different parts and its beautiful, delicate-looking body, the violin can feel a bit intimidating at first. This Cheat Sheet helps you get to know your instrument by introducing the most important parts of your violin, provides some easy steps to keep it in tip-top condition, and takes you through the process of taking the violin out of its case for the very first time. More than 70 parts go into making a complete violin. This hourglass-shaped string instrument consists of several basic parts, including the 21 important elements explained here.

Hey everyone! I get so many questions from those of you wanting to start learning the violin so I wanted to do a more in-depth post about that here to try and offer some advice and supply you with some additional resources. This is going to be a long one lol, here we go! Another site worth checking out for quality beginner equipment would be Fiddlershop. Some people are firm believers that shoulder rests of any kind should not be used, some people use a small sponge or pad just to provide some friction between the body and violin, but the majority of people choose to use a shoulder rest.

This instructable is going to teach you the basics of playing the violin. You will learn: 1. How to prepare to play 2. How to read violin music 3. How to hold the violin and bow 4.

Step 1: What You Need

Click here for free sample violin lessons from ArtistWorks! Boy, did I have a tough time my first few years of learning violin.

My goal with this website is to proof that people with no violin experience and musical background can learn to play the violin. Just start with the fundamentals. Take your time and within a month you will discover you made some major steps in mastering the violin. These violin beginners lessons are also a must for people who already have some violin experience and want to check if they position the violin the right way. Learning new things is way better than watching TV.

The violin is one of the most rewarding and beautiful instruments to play. The road to learning the violin is a long one, but with patience, discipline, and enthusiasm, these steps will help you start down the road to success with this storied instrument. Consider renting a violin for a younger child. Dalia Miguel, a violin teacher, says: "I usually recommend for parents to rent a violin until their child reaches their full size. If you buy a violin for a smaller child, you'll have to replace it every year or 2 as long as the child is growing. Here's a mnemonic to remember the tuning order from lowest to highest: G ood D ogs A lways E at. To play the violin, start by holding the neck of the violin with your left hand and bringing the butt of the instrument up to your neck so the lower back of the violin is resting on your collarbone.



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