Mount st helens information for kids

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mount st helens information for kids

Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount Saint Helens by Patricia Lauber

May 18, 1980, 8:32 A.M.: An earthquake suddenly triggered an avalanche on Mount St. Helens, a volcano in southern Washington State. Minutes later, Mount St. Helens blew the top off its peak and exploded into the most devastating volcanic eruption in U.S. history.

What caused the eruption? What was left when it ended? What did scientists learn in its aftermath?

In this extraordinary photographic essay, Patricia Lauber details the Mount St. Helens eruption and the years following. Through this clear accurate account, readers of all ages will share the awe of the scientists who witnessed both the power of the volcano and the resiliency of life.
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Mount St. Helens Eruption - Full Documentary

Mount St Helens Facts

Since then, the land has healed and recovered much of its natural beauty, but it's likely Mount St. Helens won't stay quiet forever. Helens Before, After and Now ]. Since at least , the volcano experienced a period of intermittent eruptions until , then a few minor, steam-driven eruptions in , and Otherwise, the volcano remained relatively peaceful throughout the 20th century and was a popular recreational area until its eruption. Helens, where there had been a recent increase in seismic activity.

Mount St. Helens is a volcano in the U. The volcano is in Cascade Range of mountains. Helens was first called Louwala-Clough , which means "smoking" or "fire mountain" in the language of the Native American Klickitat people. This volcano is well known for its explosions and flows of lava. Its most famous volcanic eruption was on May 18, In , U.

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On May 18, a volcano in Washington state named Mount St. Helens erupted. Mount St. Helens is located in southwest Washington state, around 90 miles south of Seattle. The Mount St. Helens eruption of May 18, was the most economically destructive volcanic eruption in the.
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Mount St. Helens Eruption

It forms part of the Cascade Range. -





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    Mount Saint Helens is located in Washington, about 55 miles northeast of Portland, Oregon, and 95 miles south of Seattle.

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    Download the Mount St. Helens Facts & Worksheets

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    Mount St. Helens Eruption: Facts & Information | Live Science

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