Reach for the stars montessori

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reach for the stars montessori

Teaching Montessori in the Home: The Pre-School Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock

Claim quality togetherness with your child and fully enjoy the sensitive and formative years from two to five by adopting proven teaching techniques in your own home. This acclaimed guide puts the entire range of the Montessori system within your reach, so you can make the most of your child?s vital years. Teaching Montessori in the Home has already helped thousands of parents with the techniques, exercises, and easy-to-make Montessori materials that are essential for success. It demonstrates how you can develop your child?s sensory awareness and practical life skills, as well as lay the foundation of preliminary reading, writing, and math.The author is recognized as one of the most influential proponents of the Montessori method in the United States and throughout the world due to her concise, accessible writing style. This bestselling book grants you the opportunity to teach your child at home and gain a truly rewarding experience. ?Hainstock takes great pains here to offer the reader a very thoughtful yet concise introduction to the Montessori philosophy.? ?from Lee Havis?s introduction.
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Welcome. Vancouver's Reach for the Stars Montessori is a licensed children's learning academy. We educate infant/toddler, preschool and kindergarten.
Elizabeth G. Hainstock

Boundary Road Location

The Academy employs teachers who are specially trained professionals in the Montessori method and certified as Early Childhood Educators. In addition, First-Aid is a requirement for all of our teachers. Our educators are knowledgeable in child development and are available as a resource to you. All of our staff is hired on the basis of character, dedication, experience and professionalism. Our staff is committed to serve the best interest of each child by modeling respect and kindness. Mirjana began by substituting at all of our locations in She joined our team at Boundary Rd.

Please take the time to carefully read through our financial information. Should you have any questions, please contact us. Enrolled students must re-enroll for the next school year. The school reserves the right to accept or reject applicants at their discretion. Such decisions are based upon educational opportunity availability, age requirement and student behaviour. Please note government subsidies are also available for qualifying families. This amount is directly deducted from your earnings when filing your taxes.

The Toddler Community serves children who are comfortably walking approximately age twelve months to age three, in a small and intimate group of eight children and two trained staff persons. We offer many program options, including either half-day or full-day child care. The environment conforms to the physical needs of the children, both in the size of the furnishings and in the opportunities for motor development. There is a movement area, practical life area and language area. In this setting the children come to feel that the classroom is their own special and peaceful space, where they can play a meaningful role in their own care and the care of their environment. The classroom is carefully prepared to meet the unique needs of this age.

Kitsilano. Located in the beautiful area of Kits, our newest.
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Our commitment is to serve the best interest of the young child in an enriched environment. Our AMI instructed Montessori program is more than a classroom. It is a collective and expressive environment where children are respected and valued as individual human beings. Personalized attention fosters a balanced atmosphere that is cheerful, nourishing and orderly. The classroom is filled with manipulatives and hands-on activities that encourage age appropriate up close and tactile experiences. The environment encourages the children to explore their own curiosities and challenges them to master such skills as language and math concepts.


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