Kirby mass attack mini games

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kirby mass attack mini games

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Published 08.03.2019

Kirby Mass Attack - All Bosses (No Damage)

Kirby Mass Attack Review

Poor Kirby. Mass Attack has the dubious honour of being Nintendo's last DS effort as the developer ditches the format for platforms new. Released without fanfare at a busy time a couple of months ago, this DS swansong slipped by almost unnoticed - by our reviews department, anyway. But, in 's last days, it's time to set that right and salute a fitting send-off for the great handheld. Because those who do pick up one final game for the ageing device will find a showcase for some of Nintendo's best uses of the DS touch screen.

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No recent wiki edits to this page. Kirby is split into 10 separate, less powerful versions of himself by an evil being with a magical staff named Necrodeus. Kirby must go on a journey to obtain Necrodeus' staff so he can use it to restore himself into one single Kirby again. Kirby: Mass Attack is a sidescrolling 2D platformer that has players control up to ten Kirby clones at once. Players move the group of Kirbys with the stylus by tapping a location on the touch screen, and tapping the location repeatedly will cause the Kirbys to rush to the location.


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