Response to go fuck yourself

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response to go fuck yourself

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Published 09.03.2019

Nightcore - STFU [Filthy Frank] AZ'S "Go Fuck Yourself" Response Video (GONE WRONG,GONE SEXUAL)

Whip it out. Start beating it immediately and stare them in the eye. If you give em the right look of crazed and determined anger you might keep them there long.

What's your response when someone tells you "Go Fuck Yourself " ?

Mike's Home Page. Some years back, there was a huge push to amend the Constitution to outlaw desecration of the flag. My objection to such an amendment is the terrifying concept of using the Constitution to control people, not government. Several well-intentioned idiots whined that "before doing so, one should first get permission from a veteran who has fought for the flag and an immigrant who has sought refuge under it. If you want to be the kind of sad, pathetic pussy who burns a flag to annoy people, go right ahead. You have my consent and contempt. They were inferior, but civil.

Is This a Picture of a Male-Only Refugee Caravan Heading for U.S. Border?

Log In Sign Up. Too many fights with you SO can make or break you, especially this time of year. I feel it! Yesterday was a snow day. Today feels like an extra shitty Monday, part 2.

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I am going to let karma fuck you up. Because your days are numbered! Because you are not making any cents! Thank you for the Bullshit sandwich, but I'm full. Right Now.


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