Balance of power a novel

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balance of power a novel

Balance of Power (Jim Dillon, #1) by James W. Huston

Tom Clancy meets David Baldacci in this electrifying debut -- a blockbuster tale of terrorism, naval action, legal intrigue, and a historic showdown on Capitol Hill.Balance of Power opens with a bang when pirates hijack the worlds fastest merchant ship in a ruthless plan to spark an international incident. Instead, the attack provokes a Constitutional crisis -- and splits the U.S. government down the middle.

Jim Dillon, Special Assistant to the Speaker of the House, discovers a long-forgotten clause in the Constitution that allows Congress to take military action without presidential approval, and his ambitious boss sees an opportunity to humiliate his rival in the Oval Office. Over at the White House, Dillons old friend Molly is working feverishly on a legal strategy to block the Speakers gambit; the case moves swiftly toward the Supreme Court -- and a trial drama that equals anything found in a Grisham thriller.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, a rogue U.S. Navy battle group races toward a deadly rendezvous with terrorists. With H-Hour drawing ever closer, fighter jocks, Navy SEALs, and Marine assault teams prepare for action in a frenzy of activity that sweeps from the carriers high-tech intelligence center to the high-tension cockpit of an F-14 to the Marines storming ashore on a tropical island. The author was a carrier pilot himself, and the military scenes crackle with authentic detail that outdoes Clancy.

Flashing between the political clash in Washington and the countdown to assault halfway around the globe, Balance of Power builds to a suspenseful crescendo that blends political battles, legal skirmishing, and naval warfare into a blockbuster thats sure to explode onto bestseller lists all over America.

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Balance of Power

Rate this book. Buy This Book. A compelling story made even more intriguing by its detailed insight into the world of special-interest politics in Washington, D. Richard North Patterson's masterful portrayals of law and politics at the apex of power have made him one of our most important writers of popular fiction. Combining a compelling narrative, exhaustive research, and a sophisticated grasp of contemporary society, his bestselling novels bring explosive social problems to vivid life through characters who are richly imagined and intensely real. This ignites a high-stakes game of politics and legal maneuvering in the Senate, the courtroom, and across the country, which the charismatic but untested young President is determined to win at any cost.

Look Inside. Oct 14, Minutes Buy. Jun 29, ISBN Oct 14, ISBN Oct 14, Minutes. An epic story that moves with force, passion, and authority, Balance of Power begins when President Kerry Kilcannon and television journalist Lara Costello at last decide to marry.

Off the coast of Indonesia, an American cargo ship has been seized by terrorists, its captain kidnapped and its crew mercilessly slaughtered. In Washington, a peace-loving President's refusal to punish the transgressors has enraged the sitting Congress, led by a wrathful Speaker of the House. An ambitious young congressional assistant, Jim Dillon has discovered a time bomb hidden away in America's Constitution—a provision that could be used to wrest power from the Chief Executive, a long-forgotten law that could incite a devastating constitutional crisis. Now, as a battle group steams toward a fateful confrontation in the Java Sea—commissioned by Congress and opposed by the President—Dillon finds himself in the center of a firestorm that rages from the highest court in the land to the killing fields half a world away. Suddenly there is much more at stake than the life of a single surviving hostage and a superpower's military credibility—as a great nation prepares for war.

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Richard North Patterson is the Edgar award-winning author of multiple bestselling novels. I have read and enjoyed them all, but none as much as Balance of Power. This latest work is a political thriller that digs at the heart of the controversial gun debate, revolving around the constitutionally protected American right to bear arms. The book is long, complex, and loaded with a host of characters. In the advance review copy, the beginning of the book is complete with three pages to appropriately separate and list the cast.

Gun control and tort reform are the thorny issues tackled in this political drama, with Patterson hero Kerry Kilcannon ensconced in the White House and planning his marriage to former television journalist Lara Costello. Kilcannon last glimpsed in Protect and Defend has been president for less than a year when he is caught up in a potentially disastrous domestic crisis. Lara's sister, Joan, is brutally beaten by her husband, John Bowden, and Kerry, who rescued his own mother from his violent father, lets emotion get the better of him, asking the California DA to intervene. When the fuse Kerry lit under John Bowden explodes predictably Bowden goes on a killing spree in an airport while the Kilcannons are away on their honeymoon , Kerry sees red and goes after the manufacturer of the gun Bowden used. The gun lobby circles wagons around the SSA and pushes a tort-reform bill called the Civil Justice Reform Act, which protects the manufacturers of any "products" from litigation by victims of criminals. Congress kowtows to America's captains of industry, with guns as the focal point: "gun immunity hung in the balance of power between the President and the senator who intended to displace him.


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