Chrysanthemum by kevin henkes summary

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chrysanthemum by kevin henkes summary

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes, the nationally bestselling and celebrated creator of Lillys Purple Plastic Purse, Owen, and Kittens First Full Moon, Chrysanthemum is a funny and honest school story about teasing, self-esteem, and acceptance to share all year round.

Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect—until her first day of school. Youre named after a flower! teases Victoria.
Lets smell her, says Jo.

Chrysanthemum wilts. What will it take to make her blossom again?

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Read-Aloud of Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

From the day she was born, Chrysanthemum felt she had the perfect name. On her first day of school she was horrified to learn that not everyone felt this way, and she was bullied by the other children for having such a long name and being named after a flower. This bullying at school continues until one day the other kids in her class are introduced to the music teacher, Mrs. At this point you have a chance as you will throughout the book to bring up the question of whether or not perfection is possible, or a realistic outlook to have. This assumption will help the children to develop their own ideas about what sorts of things, if any, can be perfect, whether there are different kinds of perfection and whether there are degrees of perfection. Starting on her first day of school, Chrysanthemum is horribly teased about her name by a group of students in her class.

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Chrysanthemum and Teasing at School: What Makes This Book an All-Star


I've written over 50 articles about children's literature for library, preschool or home settings. Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes is one of the all-star books of the children's literary world. Kevin Henkes's title character is a cute little mouse with a very big name. Chrysanthemum loves her name, and can even spell it, but when she goes to school, she is mercilessly teased by a group of nasty little mouselets who use her name as an excuse to pick on her. Henkes really gets what it is like to be teased in a world where children can be terribly cruel at a very young age. Chrysanthemum goes home each night to her caring and concerned parents, who tell her she is winsome and winning, and although Chrysanthemum is reassured that she is the center of her parents' universe, her parents' concern doesn't solve the problem.

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. Book Review by: Leah McCombs. Plot Summary. As Chrysanthemum grows older, she learns to love the uniqueness and beauty of the name; however, when her classmates tease her for having such a long and uncommon name after a flower on the first day of school, Chrysanthemum no longer views her name as a special blessing but a curse. Every day the children make fun of her and she runs home crying to her parents about the troubles she experiences in school.

Chrysanthemum is the title of a children's picture book by the American writer and illustrator Kevin Henkes. The plot deals with a young mouse named Chrysanthemum , who loves her long, beautiful name until a girl named Victoria and her friends, Rita and Jo, tease her about it. However, a pregnant music teacher named Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle defends her, saying how a lot of people have long names, which makes them envy Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum's family comforts her as well. At the end of the story, Mrs.


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