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How the Girl Guides Won the War by Janie Hampton

There’s massively more to this book than at first meets the eye. On picking this chunky volume off the shelf of my local public library, I thought that here was a relatively light, entertaining, read which would tell me all about Girl Guides in WW2 picking rosehips, sewing blackout curtains, and minding younger brothers & sisters.

Well therein lies a little of that manner of life. What I had not expected to discover were descriptions of events during World War 2, which I had previously known absolutely nothing about: the Kindertransport; the work done by the Polish Guides in transporting food to the front line; the incarceration of the 1st Chefoo Brownies of Chefoo School (N.E. China) in a Japanese concentration camp; the extraordinary contributions made by Polish Guides during the Warsaw Uprising; Guides in Auschwitz; and the ten years of post-war work in Europe carried out by a newly formed Guide International Service. Peerless. This is truly Guiding as a World Organisation.

Interspersed with those eye openers are many accounts of wartime Guiding up, down, and across the breadth of Britain, from first aid rendered to victims of Luftwaffe bombing, to fundraising for war-work, to camping holidays, to ‘underground’ Guiding activities in Nazi-occupied Jersey (Channel Islands); and much more. It certainly was a lot livelier than just jam-making.

Overall, I found reading this book to be a deeply humbling experience; the contemplation of which at times moved me painfully to tears (well above and beyond the death and cremation of Whipsnade Zoo’s African Black Rhino).

However, my greatest sadness arose from Ms Hampton’s attempt at a conclusion, a postscript asking what exactly have the Guides achieved since? She finds little to say; so ‘much’ little that what she doesn’t say reads as deliberately being more telling than what she does say. I found myself agreeing with what wasn’t said: being entirely unable to remember the last time I saw a UK Girl Guide in uniform, locally, in a public place; let alone the last time I heard of any Guide selflessly rendering practical service to someone in need of help. Has our Western society become so atomised, so screen-bound, so risk-adverse and child-safety obsessed, that we live our lives saturated in international and national news stories, with little if any knowledge, let alone care, as to what is happening within a ten-mile radius of home? That see-saw needs re-balancing.

The best thing that this book has done for me is to help me realise that even C21st Guiding may just be able to find local solutions to a couple of problems which have been chasing round my head for the last few weeks. I know who I need to talk to
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How to find a local guiding unit for your daughter to join or for you to To find a local Rainbow, Brownie, Guides or Rangers unit for your daughter, start by.
Janie Hampton


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