Come back little sheba review

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come back little sheba review

Come Back, Little Sheba by William Inge

Drama / Characters: 8 male, 3 female

Scenery: Interior

William Inge burst upon the theatrical scene with this story of marital frustration which erupts in violence. Doc and Lola had an indiscreet affair and she became pregnant. Compelled to marry her, he gave up his medical studies, forfeited his future, and settled down to a life of quiet desperation with this simple, homey woman, who lost the child but has remained Docs steadfast if slatternly wife. Now a chiropractor and recovering alcoholic, Docs sobriety is tested when Marie, a young college student, becomes their boarder and brings new life and long-dormant hostilities to the surface of Doc and Lolas troubled marriage. Shirley Booth won the Tony, NY Drama Critics Award and later the Oscar as Best Actress of The Year for her compelling performance as Lola.

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Critics on the "magic" of COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA

Shirley Booth as Lola Delaney in Inge's COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA, talking to her husband Doc about their new young female boarder who is a student at The .
William Inge

Come Back, Little Sheba

It tells the story of a loveless marriage that is rocked when a young woman rents a room in the couple's house. The title refers to the wife's little dog that disappeared months before the story begins and that she still openly grieves for. The movie was adapted by Ketti Frings from the play of the same title by William Inge and was directed by Daniel Mann making his directorial debut. Doc had once been a promising medical student, but dropped out of college when Lola became pregnant with his child, marrying her because her father had thrown her out of the house. The child later died, and in the process rendered Lola unable to have any further children.

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Playwright William Inge was part and parcel of the s, a time of scenery-chomping melodrama in the American theater zeitgeist. If not delicately interpreted, his plays can seem positively sappy by modern standards. A violent alcoholic, Doc has been sober almost a year. But his obsession with Marie Lili Fuller , a college student boarding in his home, eventually sends him off the wagon in a harrowing scene that may change the course of his marriage. As for Elliott, he not only plays a spectacular drunk but also brings warmth and humanity to a potentially dour role. His Doc may be bitterly disappointed, but his love for Lola is real -- the saving grace of an otherwise wasted life.

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Yet as S. Epatha Merkerson portrays this housebound wife of an alcoholic, in a performance that stops the heart, her gaze is anything but empty. In those moments Ms. In them you read, with a clarity that scalds, thoughts that Lola would never admit she is thinking. Because if she did, there would really be no reason for her to keep on living. The marvel of Ms. Merkerson is principally known as Lt.


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