Speech on feminism in india

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speech on feminism in india

Feminism in India (53 books)

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Published 13.03.2019

Surbhi on India, Feminism and Gymming - Queens of Comedy

Emma Watson’s speech for the #HeForShe campaign

Feminism comprises a number of social, cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal rights for women. At this time, the western idea of liberty, equality and fraternity was being imbibed by our educated elite through the study of English and the contact with west. In the post-Independence period during the first few decades, the major concern was for overall economic growth. This was immediately followed by another decade, which witnessed an increased concern for equity and poverty alleviation. Gender issues were subsumed in poverty related concerns and there were no such specific programs, which aimed at women. Not only in India but all over the world there has been a close link between these three, each inspiring and enriching the other.

The ugly truth is we have all, at some point, been complicit in the oppression of another person. We have all innocently, accidentally oppressed. I know because I've done it too. If we are not advocating for the women whose realities do not look or feel like our own, then we are unequivocally a part of the problem. His work showed me that when we are ignorant of systems of oppression, we are complicit in perpetuating those systems.

Feminism in India is a set of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal . as mothers was again stressed but in a different light: this time the argument was for women's rights to speech, education and emancipation.
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Among the educated women of the era, Gargi Vachaknavi is believed to be a pioneer. In a court filled with male philosophers, Gargi fired question after question at the great sage, stumping a man who had never before been left at a loss for words. In Maratha history, Tarabai of Kolhapur, Anubai of Ichalkaranji and Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi are well known for their skill, efficiency, diplomacy, and bravery in fighting against their rivals. In those days, widows used to shave their heads, wear a simple white sari and live a life of austerity. It was Savitribai who decided to stand up against this practice and organized a strike against the barbers in order to persuade them to stop shaving the heads of the widows, most of whom were still children.

The feminist movement focuses on rights and roles of women. The liberal feminism believes in gender equality and rejects subordination of one sex by the other or treating women as sex objects instead of human beings. However, it does not challenge the division of labour on sex basis. It holds that woman is best suited for family roles and man for outside roles. Men, therefore, hold more power than women and oppression of women is due to the unpaid home work. It holds that gender roles are not only the result of biological factors but also the product of culture. It believes in free sex and collective childcare.


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