Nephi builds a boat story

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nephi builds a boat story

Whos Your Hero?: Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children by David Bowman

The bestselling Whos Your Hero? series has a brand-new volume! The third book in the series teaches how children ages 3 and up can be like the heroes of the Book of Mormon in their everyday lives. Full-color, fun illustrations will keep the attention of pre-readers. Volume 3 stories include: Captain Moroni Finds Power in Righteousness, The Brother of Jared Has Great Faith, and Lehi and Nephi Follow the Spirit. Family home evening ideas and activities are also featured at the end of each story. Whos Your Hero? is ideal for teaching children to love the Book of Mormon.
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Nephi Builds a boat

How to Build a Ship (Or Do Any Other Hard Thing God Wants You to Do)

The other day I read the story in the Book of Mormon about the Lord commanding Nephi to build a boat. I sang the song in my head as I read the chapter then smiled and closed the book. Build a boat. A boat? Lacking the technical skills and the know how, Nephi pushed away his worries, concerns and fears, and committed to building a boat. Bringing up good, righteous children, my calling, dealing with daily challenges or life-long trials.

Nephi wrote down the things that happened to him and his family. We can read his history in the Book of Mormon. One of the things he told about was how he was blessed while he built a ship as the Lord had commanded him. Nephi and his family had been journeying in the wilderness for eight years. When they kept the commandments, the Lord blessed them, and they were able to find food and had health and strength. Nephi did not know how to build a ship, nor did he have the tools to do it.

It was the experience of a lifetime! While teaching the gospel message to an amazing people, I experienced the highest of highs, some pretty deep lows, and spent lots of time on my knees, in the scriptures, and wandering the streets coming to truly know my Heavenly Father. He helped me come to know myself—my weaknesses, and the power I have to accomplish hard things through Him, with faith. These are such important lessons! In The Book of Mormon , Nephi teaches us how to do hard things through his experiences—one of which was the commandment to build a ship! Search Pinterest or the internet for paper boat instructions —there are tons of easy-to-follow tutorials out there. If you want to add sails like ours, gather up some paper, wooden skewers, popsicle sticks, straws, etc.


He told him to build a ship to carry his family to the promised land. Nephi did not know how to make a ship, but the Lord said he would show him. He told Nephi where to find metal to make the tools he would need. Laman and Lemuel made fun of Nephi for wanting to build a ship. They did not believe that the Lord had shown Nephi how to do it.

Leaving the homeland and traveling long distances over land and sea to a hopeful better life. What might be the motivation? Escaping poverty or persecution. Seeking religious freedom. Seeking gold! Rejoining a family that previously went ahead.


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