How to give yourself a makeover for high school

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how to give yourself a makeover for high school

Middle School Makeover: Improving the Way You and Your Child Experience the Middle School Years by Michelle Icard

In my attempt to raise a tween who attends middle school WITH ME every day, I have read several parenting/self-help/survival books. So far, this has been my favorite. Michelle Icard is from Charlotte, NC, has a web presence with both her own blog and FaceBook page, and in general makes a lot of sense. She helped me understand that my twelve-year-old daughter really does not hate me, but if she doesnt pretend to (or even think so) she will never develop her own selfness (my word, not Michelles) and may end up living with me forever. This really put things in perspective for me really fast. Admittedly, Im being a little silly about Michelles book, which is really incredible, but her advice is so clear, easy to read, and actually useful that I cant help but feel like I was talking to a good friend who had been to tween war and lived to tell about it. From Michelle, I learned that my daughter often thinks Im angry because this age group is notoriously terrible at reading facial expressions (that arent selfies, that is) so they always think youre mad, no matter what you actually feel. Therefore, the solution is Botox Brow. Dont schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon, just read the book and youll learn more about the power of the Brow. Michelle also addresses several concerns many parents of children this age have from budding sexuality, to clothing wars, to frenemies, to bullying (even when your kid is the bully). She also provides a wonderful step-by-step process to help you as a parent help your little darling with prefrontal cortex issues deal with problem solving without making them helpless or depriving them of the delights of finding their own solutions in life. Reading this book wont solve all your problems because each child is unique, but it will help you find a safe middle ground for yourself in the hormone laden battle field that is middle school. I highly recommend this book to parents, teachers, and anyone else dealing with this age group. I have put much of what I read here into practice and have to say the tension in my household has definitely dropped down several DEFCON levels. Ive even received a few extra hugs, and thats more than worth the effort!
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10 Hacks To Make You Instantly More Attractive

How to Give Yourself a Makeover

It's that time of year again. Skies are blue, birds are chirping, the temperature has remained above freezing for more than a day or two in a row, and you are craving change. You want to wear shorts, but to be totally honest it's still a little too cold out most days for that, and anyways your legs haven't seen the light of day since September, and they're still scattered with bruises from various spring break high jinks. You want to buy cool new sunglasses and maybe that little purse shaped like a pineapple you saw on the ASOS website, but you barely even have money for the occasional iced coffee with your high school friend's employee discount so those aren't really on the table either. What's a restless, impulsive gal to do?

When you look great, you feel great; and there is nothing wrong pampering yourself at times to maintain a beautiful look. If you're the type of person that often neglects their own needs, or if you just want a radical change and are tired of the same old look, read more on how to give your yourself a makeover. The first thing people do for a makeover, is to go shopping for clothes.
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Show less Summer break is the perfect time to become your best self so you can start the school year off right. You can have a major makeover during the summer by building a wardrobe that expresses your personal style, caring for your hair and skin, and practicing makeup application, if you wear it. Additionally, adopt healthy habits so you look and feel your best. Then, build your self confidence to complete your makeover. Variation: For a more dramatic change, color your hair!

Show less Do you have a big date coming up, or do you just want to look and feel beautiful? Makeovers are a great way to cheer up, to steer away boredom, and to feel better about yourself. Making small changes can help you with a quick makeover, while changing some of your habits, like exercising regularly and eating well, can help achieve a more dramatic makeover. If you want to give yourself a makeover, start by changing one thing about yourself, like parting your hair on the opposite side from your normal part, or putting on red lipstick.

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