Side dishes for wild game

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side dishes for wild game

Wild Game Cookbook by L. W. Johnson

I didnt approach this book with a great deal of hope (its a fairly slim volume written in 1968* with Boys Life looking cover art) but its actually very well-written. In addition to the recipes, this book includes a good bit of information about dressing, cleaning and transporting wild game with a lot of species-specific tips. Many of the recipes appear to be easily adapted to camp cooking (or, in some cases, appear to be primarily for cooking in the field) - this includes an extensive use of condensed or dried soup, although that may just be a late-sixties thing. Wild fowl recipes are extensive, species specific (including dove, pheasant, partridge, woodcock, quail, pigeon, grouse, wild turkey, mud hen, duck and wild goose), with additional cleaning and prep tips. The same goes for the small game (rabbit, squirrel, beaver, opossum, woodchuck, raccoon and muskrat) and large game (deer, moose, elk, bear, antelope, caribou, and mountain goat). There is also brief sections on making sauces, condiments, and stuffings and a few sourdough baking recipes. The book ends with a section on brining and smoking various game animals. The range of recipes is pretty broad, including some really basic (i.e. camp cooking), fairly basic (i.e. mid-century American, with extensive use of canned and dried soup, msg, canned fruits and vegetables, etc. - including Hawaiian venison and Spanish Wild Turkey which appears to be a composite of thanksgiving leftovers - turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy - mixed with cheese, rice and jarred pimentos), or fairly sophisticated (e.g. a Lingonberry-stuffed Woodcock). Other than American and English cooking, the author does a good job with German and French recipes as well, but gradually gets more embarrassing as the source culture gets less Western (i.e. the Hungarian dishes seem pretty basic while the Asian recipes seem to consist of throwing random amounts of curry powder and/or soy sauce at the dishes). Bonus nightmare-inducing recipe: Molded Raccoon Salad.: 3.5 stars.

* in the cooking period I refer to as Post-asbestos diffuser pads but add MSG.
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How To Make The PERFECT Potato Side Dish - MMMM GOOOD!

Whats your favorite side dish to go with venison dinner

Share your post with your fan club! Sign up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, or cookbook in the largest community of knowledgeable food enthusiasts. My friend is making the appetizer and dessert. There will be six of us for dinner. I was thinking of a wild rice pilaf-type of dish. I live mi from WF and TJ's, but will be near both the day before the dinner.

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I have found no real comprehensive source of wild game recipes on the internet, so for the past 12 years, I have been creating one here. It has taken more than a decade to build, but there are almost recipes in this collection so far, and I am not even close to being done. A few pointers first. Wild game, strictly speaking, means wild meats that are hunted or trapped, ideally by a licensed hunter following all the legal rules. For example, a deer someone hunted is wild game.

Log in or Sign up. Whats your favorite side dish to go with venison dinner Discussion in ' Big Game Recipes ' started by Hope , Dec 2, Dec 2, 1. Messages: Likes Received: 1. I know veggies go great with venison Hope , Dec 2,

So, I added the two together to see what would be a killer post and decided 10 Quick, Easy Wildgame Meals was the way to go. I asked some of my wildgame food blogger friends for their favorite easy delicious wildgame recipes from their blogs. Without sacrificing flavor, they have given me recipes are simple and quick. Click the link to get the recipe. Some of the recipes are on this post, but I have a link that will introduce you to that awesome chef and author! Check out their awesome products perfect for everything wild game and beyond! The photography is amazing along with the recipes.


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    Nov 22, Side dish recipes for meat and wild game. See more ideas about Side dish recipes, Side dish and Side dishes.

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