Pray for india song in english

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pray for india song in english

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Published 21.02.2019

Pray for India (

Lyrics for pray for india by Anil Kant. Pray for India, Pray for India, Pray for India Pray for India, Pray for India, Pray for In.

Pray for india song in hindi free download

India is a country rich with heritage and tradition. With 1. The economy is split largely between an elite upper class and an oppressed lower class, though a middle class is beginning to flourish. The caste system continues to divide people, and although illegal, discrimination and violence against those of lower castes are commonplace. Please pray that the people of India will see how precious and valuable each person is to Christ. Pray for the many Gospel for Asia-supported workers who are sharing the love of Jesus in a country where millions have yet to hear His name. Reaching out to those without hope, these workers are helping to lift families out of poverty and show them new life found in Jesus.

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I just joined the Mission India team this past year, and I have to say that what I appreciate most at Mission India is the focus on prayer. India is a land of tremendous needs. Extreme Poverty. Families go hungry and suffer from malnutrition. And without an education, most have no hope for a brighter future. Over million adults in India are illiterate.


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