Best books for new sales managers

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best books for new sales managers

Popular Sales Management Books

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Published 22.02.2019

5 Tips to Become the BEST Salesperson - Grant Cardone

The 25 Best Sales Books to Read Right Now

There are few practices more consistently proven to directly improve your life and selling abilities than reading. Researchers have found that reading helps prevent stress, depression, and dementia, while also enhancing confidence, empathy, decision-making, and overall life satisfaction. Not only that, but reading the right books can lead to higher income and more meaningful careers. Books are modern-day mentors. Take notes in the margin. Highlight passages.

Garrison Keillor once said "a book is a gift you can open again and again. Books are not only an excellent source of inspiration and self-improvement, but they also give us a much-needed chance to recharge and reflect amid our busy lives. While many sales management books cover topics ranging from leadership to coaching, Cracking the Sales Management Code focuses squarely on the keys to managing and measuring a sales force. Jordan and Vazzana, co-founders of sales consultancy Vantage Point Performance, identify 5 processes for achieving strategic outcomes, share advice for changing rep behavior, and highlight 3 levels of sales metrics that leaders can use to manage team performance. Former hostage negotiator Chris Voss is no stranger to high-stakes situations, developing skills that helped save lives during a long and successful career with the FBI.

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The new VP Sales has the opportunity and responsibility to achieve aggressive growth targets, and make a deep impact on company-wide culture. VP Sales become VPs because of their successful track record — ususally as a rep and manager. But as an executive, their role is to scale their talents with a team that will achieve their sales targets year-over-year. This book tops our list for the new VP Sales because it encourages leaders to take full responsibility for the performance of their sales teams, gives no-nonsense tips for world-class sales management, and roots it all in real-life stories. As a consultant, Mike Weinberg has seen many sales organizations that struggle under executives and sales managers that unknowingly undermine performance. Readers will learn the 16 basic sales management flaws and how to create a healthy culture in their sales organization, match high performers with the right roles and coach underperformers, run meetings their teams actually look forward to, and structure the best compensation plan. Also helpful is its strategic guidance on building new pipeline for your specific market.

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Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of business growth. For any company to grow, it needs to sell. Sales leaders are the frontline drivers of that growth. When I first started in sales management, I messed up, often. I thought the reason I was promoted was that I was good enough. In reality, I had the potential to be good enough, and that potential is what the bosses saw, yet I was nowhere near where I should have been. What can we attribute that to?


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    Sales leadership requires specific skills and performance. And I didn't apply my new experiences with a long-term perspective. books, I found eight that sales VPs, directors, or managers should study to become the best.

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    Steve Richard's Top 10 Sales Management Books

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