Straight plan for the gay man

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straight plan for the gay man

Straight Man Gay (Straight Man Gay, #1) by Danny Culpepper

What would you do if true love showed up in the wrong package--and knocked your socks off? American actor John Kaiser lives in London where hes found fame as a television celebrity and theatrical star. He unwittingly falls in love with Brian Mallory, a reclusive Scottish millionaire who takes refuge in his London penthouse once a year to conduct business. Brian sees John as a shy, nervous and clumsy new friend, but John hopes theyll be much more than just friends--until he learns of a love rival: curvaceous, blonde, and sexy Carol Lexington. Hes devastated when he realizes he cant compete with this beautiful woman. Or can he? And even if he could win Brians love, what other forces would lie in wait to tear them apart? From the ritzy charity galas of Londons elite to an English countryside manor and a stunning, riverfront luxury penthouse, this love story takes you on a journey of humor, happiness, pain, jealousy and bitter betrayal. Filled with quirky best friends, catastrophic events, and undying love and devotion, its the story of a straight man who falls in love with a gay man who did everything wrong and still got everything right. Straight Man Gay does what Giovannis Room and Brokeback Mountain couldnt: It takes the shame out of being gay and in love.
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How To Make A Gay Man Straight

Straight Plan for the Gay Man is an American comedy television series that premiered on February 23, , on Comedy Central. It is a parody of Bravo's hit .
Danny Culpepper

Straight Plan For The Gay Man

Since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy debuted last summer, sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and Mad TV have offered some very funny, on-target parodies including a queer eye makeover for Santa. And so, the folks at Comedy Central thought the time was right to satirize the trendiest show on cable on a weekly basis. Straight Plan for the Gay Man is a send-up of Queer Eye that, as its title announces, reverses the roles of its gay and straight participants. Each week, a gay man who is curious about what it would be like to experience some facet of the straight world gets his wish granted by four spirited, 20something, gay-friendly heterosexual males. Straight Plan is not exactly a reality show, but more of a "pseudo-reality" series then again, isn't the reality in all reality shows pseudo? While the gay man who is transformed is an actual person, the straight guys are not, like the Fab Five, professionals in their respective fields, but comedians.

Four straight comedians the "Flab Four" — Curtis Gwinn environment guy , Billy Merritt appearance guy , Kyle Grooms information guy , and Rob Riggle culture guy — make over three gay men to pass as straight. The show only ran for three episodes. Music composed by Bob Golden. The makeovers include lessons in poor manners , spartan home decorating, unfashionable wardrobes , and an overdeveloped ego to mask all personal failings. Episodes involved making over a fashion salesman into a meat-packer, a yoga instructor into a jock , and an entertainer into a suave "babe-magnet". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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All rights reserved. Reprint by permission only., After his makeover, Schneider, who said he always wanted to understand the life of a blue-collar worker, competed against two of the straight men to see who could get hired at a meat factory. The episodes will air on Comedy Central on the first two Mondays in March at 10 p.

Sign in. The star of " The Boys " has a great Watchlist that she can't stop re-watching. Watch now. Title: Straight Plan for the Gay Man —. A three-episode parody of the hit Bravo series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", where straight men convert gay men into big-time heterosexual archetypes. We all saw it coming, the flip side of the Fab Five--and we all know it's not as relevant or sensible as the original Queer Eye show who wants to go from gay glam to straight glum?


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