Best coming of age novels for adults

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best coming of age novels for adults

Popular Adult Coming Of Age Fiction Books

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Published 23.02.2019

Top 10 Books for Teenagers and Young Adults

The 50 Greatest Coming-of-Age Novels

The gods are fallen and all safety gone. The confusing, difficult, and exciting journey from child to adult is one that provides authors with endless material. We've put together a list of what we consider to be the very best coming-of-age novels and books about growing up. Finding himself cut off from the only life he has ever wanted, he sets out for Mexico with his friend Lacey Rawlins. Befriending a third boy on the way, they find a country beyond their imagining: barren and beautiful, rugged yet cruelly civilized; a place where dreams are paid for in blood. Available now in Paperback and Ebook.

The coming-of-age story, the so-called Bildungsroman in German, has been a popular genre for over a decade. One of the ultimate classics. The book was written in by American author J. The story follows teenage Holden Caulfield, as he wanders through New York after being kicked out of school, evading his parents and making plans of running away into the wild. The book still has a strong influence on modern day culture and has been referenced in film, television, literature, music and video games. Written by American writer Stephen Chbosky in , the story is set in the early 90s. It chronicles the life of Charlie, an introverted teenager.

Where there are alienated teenagers there will be novelists not far behind. The journey from child to adult is a memorable one. No matter whether you traverse its choppy waves successfully or not, there is bound to be confusion, complexity and, of course, fun. As such this crossing — and just the essence of being a teenager — has long been a fascinating subject for writers. Some draw on their own experiences, some imagine alternative histories, the best will always provide succour for those in the middle of this maelstrom and perhaps nostalgia, and even answers, for those whose younger days are long gone. What follows are our 30 favourite coming-of-age novels, for where there are alienated youngsters and teenagers there will be novelists not far behind…. Another dystopian coming-of-age tale.

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The 50 Greatest Coming-of-Age Novels

What does it really mean to grow up? Loss of innocence? Becoming self-sufficient? Turning 18? Running out of "firsts" to check off the bucket list?

The end of summer is traditional coming of age time. Your new best friend is going home. Your new boyfriend starts pretending not to know you. Your parents discover your secret hiding place and turn it into a mudroom. You move to a new town. Your dog dies. So, as we embark on a new one, the Literary Hub office put their heads together to consider some of the greatest coming-of-age novels ever written, for discussing in the halls and reading under the covers.

I'm not of the mind that we leave coming-of-age novels behind when we leave high school. The liminal space between childhood and adulthood is a rich landscape for young adult and adult readers alike, and not solely because growing up is an experience every reader shares. The transitional space of adolescence can be a powerful backdrop for other experiences of liminality as well: the experience of being between cultures, between geographies, between sexual identities and genders, between social classes and political spheres, and even between magic and realism. In researching models for my adolescent narrators, I looked toward contemporary novels that didn't dismiss or whitewash the experience of growing up: books that let their young protagonists feel the pain and wonder of teenhood. Books brave enough to dig deep into the heartache and immediacy of adolescence. Books filled with empathy for embodying the very real emotions of youth without trivializing the perspectives of the young.


  1. Quincy A. says:

    Aug 26, The end of summer is traditional coming of age time. together to consider some of the greatest coming-of-age novels ever written, Of course, it's a novel in which someone becomes an adult, literally or metaphorically.

  2. Orietta O. says:

    Sometimes the main character is just so real, you can see your younger self in their personality.

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