Best brush pen for modern calligraphy

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best brush pen for modern calligraphy

Brush Pen Lettering: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Learning Decorative Scripts and Creating Inspired Styles by Grace Song

The first book dedicated entirely to the use and mastery of modern brush pens

Brush pen lettering is a beautiful, modern style of calligraphy that has begun appearing on everything from inspirational posters to personal stationery. Using a combination of strokes, curves, and flourishes, brush lettering can transform ordinary cards, invitations, and products into inspired works of art. This easy-to-follow guide includes instructions and techniques for a wide range of lettering. It offers you the quickest and easiest way to create a unique script that can become your signature style. Featuring hundreds of step-by-step photos and practice pages, Brush Pen Lettering works equally well whether you are a longtime enthusiasts or beginners. After working through the exercises in the book, you will gain a mastery of basic techniques and see how to develop a personal style for use on stationery, art work, home goods, and more.
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Tombow Fudenosuke SOFT vs. HARD tip - YouTober Day 19


The modern day hand lettering is a subtle and beautiful art indeed. In the process, you might have come across several different hand lettering brush pens to choose from. But deciding which, and why, is something of a dilemma almost always. All you need to do, is sit back, relax, and just read our guide to select the best brush pens for hand lettering for yourself. Coming from the well known Tombow, this Marker set consists of 12 brush pens of different colors.

It takes practice and control to use a brush pen, but you don't have to be a serious artist or calligrapher to create beautiful script. Read on to see our top recommendations for brush pens that suit beginners, dramatic lettering, and Asian calligraphy. There are three main types of brush tips: natural hair, which is made from animal hair like weasel; synthetic hair, generally made from nylon; and felt. Felt tips are good for beginners because their firm tips are marker-like and offer good control. Synthetic and natural hair brushes are softer, so they require more practice to use. Brush tips range from soft to firm, depending on their bristle type, density, and size.

Best Brush Calligraphy Pens for Beginners. Plus, some more colorful brush pen options. The small brush nib is much easier to learn with than larger nib brush pens including the Tombow Dual Tips. If you learn with the Fudenosuke First, the Dual Tips will be much easier to use than if you were to start with the Dual Tips. Close-up of the Tombow Fudenosuke Tip.

I have created something you are going to love.

Have you been practicing with brush markers but just can't get the strokes right? You need to start with the right tools. If you start with the wrong or advanced tools that you don't know how to use, you may give up too early and miss the opportunity to create something beautiful. I know I know, you want to jump right in and use the fancy schmancy Tombow markers everyone is using. But believe me, this will be very helpful in the long run. The key to mastering the Tombow brush marker is to develop some muscle memory in your wrist.

Today you can find a huuuge choice of different brush pens on the market, and if you are new to the brush calligraphy game it might feel overwhelming when it comes to finding the right one. Well, this is exactly why we decided the create this article — we are going to review the 5 BEST brush pens for brush calligraphy! By the end of this post, you will have a much better understanding of the different characteristics that brush pens have to offer, and you will also be able to find the right brush pen depending on which style you want to practice. All brush pens share the same basic idea — a flexible nib that creates a thicker line when additional pressure is applied to a stroke. However, different brush pens have diverse characteristics, and although there are a lot of these characteristics, I decided to review these brush pens on 4 different points —. The main reason we are going to look into these 4 characteristics, is because these are the main points of difference between individual brush pens. For example, I like a smaller size brush pen with a more elastic felt tip that also has a lower ink flow.


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