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chinese comic books for kids

Mort in China Comic Issue 1 Bilingual English-Chinese (Funny, Chinese, Indie, Comic Book For Kids, Teens, Adults, Short Read):: Understanding Modern China ... Culture Through Comics by Vali T.C. Morrison

About Mort in China Comic

Mort in China is a Comic Book for Children, Teens, Young Adults and alike. If you’ve ever been curious about China, or you just love Asian comics and CUTE Asian characters, this Entertaining and Informative Indie comic produced by expats living in China is sure to bring joy with its Humorous tale of a protagonist out of his element trying to navigate Chinese Culture. Available on Kindle Short Reads.

Additionally, while studying and living in China the author began to notice a need for a fun resource that would make modern Chinese culture accessible and easy to understand, as well as give students of Chinese an entertaining way to improve their reading skills and to help support students of Chinese across the globe. The author’s mission with this series was to create an entertaining story that could help the two cultures better understand one another. For the western audience it is our hope that they will learn about life in modern China through our main character Mort, as he stumbles his way through the culture. 

After 500 years of work and still only being considered ‘2nd best’ a mild-mannered soul collection agent for Final Destinations, an afterlife tourism agency, named Mort has his world turned upside down when his boss sends him to root out and correct the efficiency issues in their China branch office. Things take a turn on arrival as he quickly realises that he is woefully unqualified to deal with the nuances and pitfalls of Chinese culture. Will Mort succeed, or will his failure spell doom for all of China?

Please note: that this book is available in colour for all devices that support colour viewing.  
This is book one of the ‘Mort in China’miniseries, a prelude to the ‘Final Destinations’ comic book series. You only live once, so start your adventure today and take advantage our limited timediscount price
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This is a guest post about reading comics in Chinese, written by Sara K.
Vali T.C. Morrison

A language learner’s guide to reading comics in Chinese

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I finished a basic semester of Intro to Chinese, so I know maybe characters and can do some decent speaking. I'm interested in finding some basic reading materials to reinforce proper sentence structure in my head, as well as learn more grammar and vocabulary. Can anyone recommend a comic book series, book series, or children's book series that I can order in order to practice? I like learning from kids book myself - China Sprout has quite a few. Many, of not most or all of them were originally published in English. Kind of on the expensive side if you ask me though, at least if you buy very many of them. I think it is easier to find what you are looking for on their catalog rather than their site too.

There is never an issue of lack of books for the kids. A supporting character from the Spider- Girl comic book. Sodo, a bookstore at Broadway Ave. DC Comics: Japanese. You can be sure that there is something they.

Chinese comics and manhua

All the same, these comics tend to be very similar in appearance to Japanese comics. In Chinese, manhua is a general term which refers to the global comics medium and therefore includes Japanese, Korean and American comics. A third way the term manhua is used is to describe the tradition of Chinese cartooning which is generally thought to have begun with the introduction of lithographic printing technology in the mid-nineteenth century in the foreign concessions in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The earliest comics as defined by this definition produced within China appear to be two satirical comics anthologies which were produced in English, The China Punch —, — and Puck, or the Shanghai Charivari April November A third way manhua is used is to describe Chinese forms of visual narrative which are similar to comics but are have not traditionally been described as such.

We know two things about reading in all languages: the more you do, the easier it gets and the more your read, the better your vocabulary, grammar, writing and understanding become. Christy Lao , a professor of education at San Francisco State University put those two pieces of information together and created a phenomenal summer program to get kids reading in Chinese. The children were either in Chinese immersion programs or from Heritage language schools. These kids spent much of their summer in a big, friendly room at SF State that is lined with bookcases filled with Chinese language comics, which also go by the name graphic novels or manga. The numbers ranged from 96 to the boy above, at In one month.


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