Strategies for teaching male students

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strategies for teaching male students

Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys: Strategies That Work--And Why by Michael C. Reichert

Based on an extensive worldwide study, this book reveals what gets boys excited about learning Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys challenges the widely-held cultural impression that boys are stubbornly resistant to schooling while providing concrete examples of pedagogy and instructional style that have been proven effective in a variety of school settings. This book offers more than 100 detailed examples of lessons that succeed with male students, grouped thematically. Such themes include: Gaming, Motor Activities, Open Inquiry, Competition, Interactive Technology, and Performance/Role Play. Woven throughout the book is moving testimony from boys that both validates the success of the lessons and adds a human dimension to their impact.

The authors presents more than 100+ specific activities for all content areas that have proven successful with male students Draws on an in-depth, worldwide study to reveal what lessons and strategies most engage boys in the classroom Has been described as the missing link that our schools need for the better education of boys
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Strategies For Teachers Educating Young Black Males

Engaging male students is a matter of concern for many educators, judging by teacher looking for some easy-to-understand-and-implement strategies, this is.
Michael C. Reichert

5 Teaching Techniques that Work for Boys

Most parents can tell you that there are big differences in the ways that boys and girls grow and learn. They use teaching techniques specifically designed to work for the ways that boys learn best. Difference: The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that houses skills that lead to academic success, like memory, attentiveness, language, and more. Matsuoka, for example, noticed that Cadets loved playing Minecraft. Instead of seeing it as a video game to play during downtime, he worked with his students to use the game to create a full 3-D map of our campus down to every last detail, including the inside of each building.

See comments. The best educational environments are those that are fair to all students, male or female. But in many places around the world, female and male students do not always have the same chances for a good education. We also will discuss how to create a more equal and balanced learning environment. An educated individual is more likely to grow up healthy and have more opportunities for employment.

Since many boys respond to having a task to complete, lessons that focus on an end product engage male students. This is especially true if.
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A middle school teacher told us recently, "Boys in a classroom should be one of the most fun things in life. Boy energy can be contagious, after all. But in my school, we talk mostly about difficulties we're having with boys. We need help understanding and teaching them. We've got to stop losing that boy energy from our schools. Everywhere around us, boys want to learn, but they aren't learning as well as girls are.


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    When measures of accomplishment and punishment for boys and girls are put next to each othe r, boys consistently score lower, achieve less, and are disciplined more, despite the fact that they are no less intelligent.

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    A middle school teacher told us recently, "Boys in a classroom should be one of the most This strategy is especially useful when male students are reading or.

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