Makeup for hooded eyes 2018

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makeup for hooded eyes 2018

Hooded Eye Makeup Manual: A practical eyeshadow application guide for lovely people with hooded eyes. by Courtney Nawara

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Published 01.03.2019


A definitive eye makeup guide for hooded eyelids

Eye makeup not only makes the eyes brighter, it also makes you look fresher and less tired. And if you have hooded eyes, a common problem in the mature years, a little shading works wonders. All women can follow the steps below as these tips are based on the simple balance of light and dark shadows to enhance the eyes. Light shades to add brightness and darker shades to create depth. Buy eye shadow powders or creams with rich pigment. Pay a little more for quality as the cheapest options have less pigment and less impact. Starting at the inner corner of your eye apply small dots of concealer then blend it over dark circles.

March 8, Beauty Leave a comment. Normal eyes look hooded when we contract them to view distant objects or when our eyelids shrink in sunlight. There is actually an extra layer of skin on the eyelids that makes them hooded. This layer not only drops over the lids but also causes the eyelid to appear smaller in size. Hooded eyes are a still a gorgeous eye shape as our celebrities with hooded etutorials and tip prove. Take a look at the makeup tips and tricks for hooded eyes below. Also, we have collected some excellent hooded eye makeup tutorial videos so that you can give your eyes a perfect look.

You applied it right; just like in the tutorial. The problem, however, is that unlike the girl in the tutorial, you do not have perfect round eyes with visible eyelids. No, you have hooded eyes — making your eyelids look almost inexistent. So, how do you get around this thing — and actually make you look like you have makeup on? Well, in order to apply some intricate designs, you need to understand the physiognomy of your face. People with hooded eyes have a layer of skin beneath the brow, which covers the crease — like a hood.


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I was always told that I couldn't wear eye shadow, or much eye shadow, because I have hooded eyelids. Having hooded eyelids basically means that you have a fold of skin that hangs over the crease of your eye, getting in the way of where you'd normally put your eye shadow. Because of this, I'd always heard that I couldn't have any fun with eye shadow, or I couldn't do winged liner, or a cut crease, whatever. That because of my hooded lids my options for eye looks were few, simple, and boring. But that isn't true.


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    Hooded Eye Makeup Tips And Tutorials for Amazing Eyes

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