5 c of cinematography full pdf free download

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5 c of cinematography full pdf free download

The Five Cs of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques by Joseph V. Mascelli

Its rather dense (~244 pages), but its still one of the best books on cinematography Ive read so far. It equips the cinematographer with a better understanding of why certain visual/technical choices work over others. The final chapter on Composition is simply amazing, and the conclusion feels like Mascellis attempt to impart every single piece of wisdom to his students before were released into the unexplored yonder.

I tried reading this book before I entered film school, and for whatever reason it seemed difficult to understand some of the language that Mascelli employs. Even after graduating, I had to re-read certain passages a couple of times (for ex. distinguishing between objective, subjective and point of view shots under Camera Angles; dynamic screen direction examples under Continuity) in order to really understand the authors intention.

Id recommend this book to the advanced student (maybe not the beginner) with a solid background of terminology and experience making his/her own student films.

I know this book cant substitute practical experience from learning on set, but finishing this one certainly feels like I just got trained by a visual storytelling master.
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The Five C’s of Cinematography basics lesson 2

5 C's of Cinematography

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Any aspiring film makers who want to be cinematographers must learn to perfect the art of photography and camerawork. It is an ongoing learning experience throughout a working life. Mascelli could then be argued to be fundamental concepts essential to filmmaking. Each concept must be carefully considered when producing, shooting and editing a project to ensure the highest quality outcome. The camera angle is vital to a stories narrative and the camera positioning helps to drive the story forward.

C While pr oduction of motion pictures has changed considerably since I photographed Th e Perils of Pauline in , some aspects - particularly those involving st ory telling - arc still the same as they were half a century ago. Motion pictures arc faster paced for today's more sophisticated audi- ences. Television dramas now introduce the characters , set the scene and es tablish story line in a few minutes. To accomplish this, early films took a reel or more. Today's uses of the moving ca mera - especi ally heli copter shots - and wide-screen format s permit more continuous filming with fewer editoria l cuts. Modern filmi ng trends are moving away from the- atrical effects.


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