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the drowned world free pdf

The Drowned World by J.G. Ballard

First published in 1962, J.G. Ballards mesmerizing and ferociously prescient novel imagines a terrifying future in which solar radiation and global warming have melted the polar ice caps and Triassic-era jungles have overrun a submerged and tropical London. Set during the year 2145, the novel follows biologist Dr. Robert Kerans and his team of scientists as they confront a surreal cityscape populated by giant iguanas, albino alligators, and endless swarms of malarial insects. Nature has swallowed all but a few remnants of human civilization, and, slowly, Kerans and his companions are transformed—both physically and psychologically—by this prehistoric environment. Echoing Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness—complete with a mad white hunter and his hordes of native soldiers—this powerful and beautifully clear (Brian Aldiss) work becomes a thrilling adventure and a haunting examination of the effects of environmental collapse on the human mind.
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Book Review - The Drowned World by J.G. Ballard

The Drowned World by J. G. Ballard

Ballard regarded it as his first novel, despite the publication of The Wind from Nowhere in Set in the year , The Drowned World imagines a surreal post-apocalyptic cityscape: solar radiation has caused the polar ice caps to melt, submerging London and much of the world under water. Triassic-era lagoons and swamps are populated by encroaching tropical vegetation, giant iguanas and albino alligators, thriving in the rising heat. The crux of the novel, typically Ballardian, explores the psychological effects of this major environmental change on a cast of characters including Dr Robert Kerans, a biologist, and Beatrice Dahl, who has chosen to stay in London. Shown here is an extract from a partial draft of the novel dating c. Some pages are missing.

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The biological mapping had become a pointless game, the new flora following exactly the emergent lines anticipated twenty years earlier, and he was sure that no one at Camp Byrd in Northern Greenland bothered to file his reports, let alone read them. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other The Drowned World quote. Sometimes he wondered what zone of transit he himself was entering, sure that his own withdrawal was symptomatic All this detailed mapping of the harbors for use in some hypothetical future is absurd Looking up at the ancient impassive faces, Kerans could understand the curious fear they roused, rekindling archaic memories of the Paleocene, when the reptiles had gone down before the emergent mammals, and sense the implacable hatred one zoological class feels towards another that usurps it. For a few moments Kerans stared quietly at the dim yellow annulus of Ernst's sun glowering through the exotic vegetation, a curious feeling of memory and recognition signaling through his brain.

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In apocalyptic climate change has arrived not from human excess but natural occurrences. The seas have engorged on melted polar ice; vast entanglements of rainforest and lagoon now hold sway over the old cities of humanity, whilst humankind itself gathers in dwindling communities at the poles. This sets the stage for questioning the validity of human stewardship: whilst the rest of the world is transforming through a rioting mass of megaflora and fauna , it is the humans who linger on irrelevantly in this new epoch. Above all is the sun, whose unrelenting heat is a leveller across species. Activity ceases long before the sun reaches its zenith, as the temperature of midday is unforgiving in its brutality. The giant adaptations of plant-life possess a threatening superiority, anchoring the undulating mounds of silt that bridge the swamps, creating and colonising new territories. The huge iguanas watching from their perches signal a return to a reptilian age — the Anthropocene is evident only in its topographical shaping of lagoons and creeks in the remnants of cities.


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