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free bible code search online

Bible Code II: The Countdown by Michael Drosnin

The Bible code-the ancient code encrypted in the Bible that may reveal our future-was made known to the world by investigative reporter Michael Drosnin. Now he reveals startling new predictions warning that we may have only three years to stop the countdown to Armageddon. This dramatic account opens on the morning of September 11, 2001, when Drosnin witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center-and then found the terrible event predicted in detail in the 3,000-year-old Bible code. But according to the code, September 11 was only the beginning. The Bible code says we are already in the End of Days, the Apocalypse foretold by all three major religions of the West. Drosnin has traveled the globe to meet with world leaders to prevent the impending danger-and to search for the Code Key, a long-buried ancient object that may completely unlock the Bible code, just in time to save our world.
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Hidden Bible Codes Reveal more then you can Imagine.

Bible Codes Software.
Michael Drosnin

The Bible Code

These messages can only be revealed, for example, by reading every other letter of the text, or every seventh letter, and so on. However, the irony grows even thicker because, like all Biblical prophecies, they are always discovered a little after the fact vaticinium ex eventu. In about an hour of programming time, I developed a small Windows application that performs this exact function — search for hidden codes in the text of the Bible. I then obtained the King James translation from Gutenberg , and eliminated all whitespace, punctuation, and verse numbers. Finally, I began my investigation.

Publisher Description

T orah code tables, or as they are popularly called Bible Codes, are tables made from the text of the Torah, the Five Books of Moses, in which related words can be found in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, orientation patterns. The words found in a table are called equidistant letter sequences. They are called equidistant letter sequences ELS for short because their letters come from the text, not necessarily letter after letter of the text, but with the same skip from letter to letter of the ELS. Different ELSs in the same table will in general have different skips. A table is actually a selected window on a cylinder of particular size around which are spiraled the letters of the Torah text, without spaces or punctuation marks.

It has been independently rated as the World's 1 Bible Code Software and has been used for many presentations in TV documentaries and books about the Bible Code. CodeFinder runs on all current versions of Microsoft Windows, including Vista, and will even run on Macintosh computers that are installed with either Virtual Windows or 'Boot Camp'. CodeFinder comes complete with texts in English, Greek and Hebrew allowing searches in in any of the those three languages. A full tutorial and comprehensive online help are included with the software. CodeFinder is available by Instant Download. Download Now and be searching for your own hidden Bible Codes in minutes. The latest release of CodeFinder Millennium Edition is version 1.


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