Girl power self esteem group curriculum

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girl power self esteem group curriculum

Girls Respect Groups: An Innovative Program to Empower Young Women & Build Self-Esteem by Lorna Blumen

Looking for a great volunteer project for teen girls? Girls Respect Groups: An Innovative Program To Empower Young Women & Build Self-Esteem! will guide you step-by-step through the 6-week curriculum for Girls Respect Groups, a unique program for middle school girls, led by high school teen girls. Working together, both sets of young women explore how respect can affect the rest of their lives & learn to make choices rooted in self-confidence and self-respect. Learn how easy it is to start a GRG Leadership Program at your school or in your community. Train inspiring teen girls to become GRG leaders. Build a positive community of girls helping girls!
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Girl Code Small Group Counseling Program

Girl Power: A Group Counseling Curriculum for Pre-Teen Girls

You can! Hello, dream job. Nice to meet you. No office? No boss? Helping girls build self-esteem and character? Yes, please.

Girls participate in group discussions and activities designed to boost self-esteem and create a sense of sisterhood and support, and schools are left with extensive follow up support and activities to keep the message of kindness going throughout the year. Ready to take on the world…fearlessly? We believe that girls need girls and sometimes, we just need a chance to get together and talk about the things that really matter, including friendships, relationships, pressures, expectations, confidence, overcoming fears and so much more. Our goal is to unite girls in their schools and around the world, inspire authentic confidence, and support one other to be kinder to ourselves and each other. Ready to get started?

The GLOW program was created to give every girl an opportunity to be strong, confident and physically fit. Our program inspires girls of all ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to be prominent and influential leaders. The GLOW program is designed for girls aged and can be offered as a lunch time, after school or as an evening program. We offer a variety of themes, each of which are composed of eight classes. Each 1. Our program integrates and cultivates the following key values: integrity, self-worth, honesty, pride and responsibility. GLOW Goals.

Background Information Instead of living in a society that embraces men and women for their differences, we live in a society that commends and appreciates masculinity and subordinates femininity. These patriarchal values are saturated throughout our society, socializing girls and boys from the day they are born with ways they should act, think, feel, and especially look.

The School Counseling Files. Girl Power I usually try and do 6- or 8-week girls' groups at lunchtime, so I mix and match activities depending on the makeup of each particular group. Most of my girls are really interested in doing artsy craftsy projects, so I've got a bunch of them. Mostly from Pinterest, of course. The rest of the time I'm trying to sneak in items on my feminist agenda.

Erin's vision was to create a program that encouraged young girls to feel strong and empowered, self confident and independent, healthy and beautiful! Girl Power is an 8-week program designed for grades The program combines age-appropriate fitness and life skills with confidence building exercises that are fun and thought provoking. We cover everything from teaching young girls that they have very real power in spite of their young age to moving through middle school for tweens and beyond! It's an investment worth making!


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    Oct 13, What is Girl Power? ○ An eight session group counseling curriculum for 5th grade girls. ○ Goals: 1. Strengthen self-esteem and self-.

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