Serial killers that were never caught

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serial killers that were never caught

Unsolved Serial Killings by R.J. Parker

First off, I am a fan of RJ Parkers true crime writings. I dont even bother to read the book descriptions before buying - Ive read several other Parker ebooks and loved them, so I bought this one without thinking twice. Unfortunately, I was disappointed for several reasons:
1) The book starts out as serial killers for beginners. The unsolved killings dont actually start until Chapter 8. Given the title, I felt that the extra information took up too many pages, given the short length of the book.
2) A lot of the information is very repetitive throughout the first seven chapters, and most of the unsolved killer chapters end with the same comments, such as Did the killer die? Go to jail for another crime? We may never know
3) The amount of grammatical errors, many of which I believe would be picked up in most spell-checkers. There was even a sentence with a word missing, when it was describing the location of a small town -- just of I-10 or something along those lines. North? East? Who knows.

Unfortunately, the sad truth of unsolved crimes is that usually very little information is available. This is not due to lack of the authors research and I dont feel that it is fair to give poor reviews based on this alone. There are even some comments from the author about how little information was available on certain cases.

I would gladly give the book four or five stars if an update is issued to amend the repetition and grammatical errors. If you did enjoy this book, I highly recommend Social Media Monsters: True Stories of Internet Killers or Parents Who Killed Their Children: True Stories of Filicide.
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Confessions of a Serial Killer

Perhaps what's even scarier than the violence committed by serial killers is the fact some were never caught. While we can never know for sure.
R.J. Parker

6 Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught

In fact, some of the most terrifying serial killers of all time remain unidentified. Case in point: the murderers below, who despite a concerted effort by police, were never apprehended. From the infamous Zodiac Killer who taunted the media with baffling clues about his crimes to the Cleveland Torso Murderer who beheaded and dismembered his victims, take look at these chilling serial killers who were never caught. All of the victims, many of whom were never identified, had red or reddish hair. Many of their bodies were dumped on major highways in the United States, leading investigators to believe that the victims were engaged in either hitchhiking or sex work.


IN the movies, crazed serial killers are driven to claim victim after victim in a cat-and-mouse game with detectives that only ends when they are caught. Tales of grisly murders carried out by a lone maniac have fascinated and terrified us since the time of Jack The Ripper, the elusive Victorian slasher who was never identified. According to FBI research, it's a myth that serial murderers are all psychopaths who keep on killing until they are stopped. It is also not true that most want to be caught. He was said to be planning his 11th murder after a year gap when police finally caught up with him in His wife and two kids had no idea of his wicked pastime.


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    Lock your doors. From the Zodiac Killer to the Long Island Serial Killer, join us as we count down 10 serial killers who were never caught.

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    8 Of The Most Brutal Serial Killers That Were Never Caught

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