Midnight sun chapter 13 24 fanfiction

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midnight sun chapter 13 24 fanfiction

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Published 26.03.2019

Midnight Sun Chapter 5

Contents: Midnight Sun

This is a continuation of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. If you haven't read all of the books in the Twilight series including Midnight Sun , don't read this story because it might not make sense. This story also might contain spoilers for the other books. There were distant sounds of a fight, the loud noise of a vampire being torn apart, but my eyes were only able to see one thing — Bella. She was lying on the ground, crumpled, broken, while the pool of blood continued to grow wider underneath her. The red fluid, spilling, wasting, on the floor, the scent pulsing through the air.

As I sped down the winding road I knew what lay ahead for me. My home. As the woods thinned out I knew what I had to face. My family. The human girl that she could never be. The human girl that had been materialised out of my own personal hell. The human girl that was my punishment for being a monster.

Chapters 1 through A on her website. Complications Balancing Confessions Mind Over Matter







  1. Upmysbile says:

    I was surprised that her expression was concerned, and feared for a moment that I had walked too far into the sun and inadvertently revealed.

  2. Orbrugounrdeb says:

    I shifted into second gear as we turned a corner; the RPM ran close to red as I sped towards the I-ten.

  3. Nereu A. says:

    Contents: Midnight Sun | Twilight: The Missing Pieces

  4. Desideria B. says:

    As promised, I've finally connected the pieces, and this picks up where Midnight Sun left off. Okay, where Stephenie left off, the last thing we.

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    I'm just a fan who couldn't wait to get back into Edward's head.

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