Trying to fill a void

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trying to fill a void

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Published 26.03.2019

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Shallow ( Lyrics Video )

Embrace the Void and Live a Life of Passion, Joy and Fulfillment

I experienced a dating drought at the beginning of this year. My phone stopped ringing, my Match. I felt real loneliness for the first time since my ex-husband moved out two years ago. It was strange. My whole being seemed to wither. I contributed meagerly to conversations.

Almost everyone feels empty at some point in their lives, but not many can pinpoint exactly why they feel this way. Most blame a lost lover, a lack of purpose, boredom, not enough friends, or other reasons, but this only skirts around the true reason for emptiness. However, none of these reasons get to the root cause of why people feel empty; they just mask the underlying problem. Right now, we have so much chaos and destruction on this planet because people feel this emptiness, and they seek outside themselves in order to fix it. Or, out of frustration and loneliness, they hurt others to release these feelings.

For the past few days, I have been feeling down and demotivated.
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How to Fill The Void and Emptiness

That void you feel is not a curse. It can certain feel like one, the bottomless pit of dissatisfaction at everything you throw in to fill it. But its not meant to ruin your pursuit for happiness, its trying to send a message. What if we stopped trying to fill the void in our lives? The void. You have one, we all do, and our personal mission on a daily basis is to fill it. We shop, eat, tell jokes, say yes when we really mean no all for the sake of satiating a deep seated hunger of something.


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    Not you.

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  3. Calfucir M. says:

    The truth is that anytime you try to distract yourself from feeling what you're feeling, Food, drugs, sex -- these are the worst ways to fill a void.

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