I want to marry a police officer

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i want to marry a police officer

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Published 27.03.2019

HFD Fireman Proposes To His HPD Girlfriend

4 tips on making your police marriage work

Make PoliceOne your homepage. More relationships fail than will succeed. They fail because relationships require time, effort, attention and are messy. It is debatable whether the divorce rate among couples where one or both are officers is higher than that of the general public. But we do know many officers who have been married multiple times, with the accompanying joke being that by the third or fourth wife the officer generally gets it right. This year we will celebrate 23 years of marriage.

I'm married to a police officer — someone who runs toward danger when everyone else is running away from it, someone who will miss seeing his baby's first steps because he's busy protecting another child from an an abusive parent , and someone who regularly sees gruesome scenes, including death, yet comes home to smile and laugh with his toddler. There are many reasons I'm beyond proud to be a part of this group of spouses, but there are just as many reasons it's not easy being a police officer's wife. When you kiss your spouse goodbye before they leave for work, do you ever have a real fear it could be the last time? I can't think this way, because if I do, it would consume me. But, I'm also human, so the thought does creep in every once in a while. And I know it's not easy for him either.

I have had the experience of being married before to a "regular" hubby and we went about our daily business as two individuals who did their own thing, loved each other and co-habited. Until we didn't. I am grateful every day that we didn't make it because I adore being married to my boy in blue. It is often thankless. It throws up challenges and has its rewards and I wouldn't have it any other way. I often think that it is we who are in the Police Force, not just him: we signed up; we joined back in January Learn how to be resilient, especially if you have kids.


While accidents and tragedies occur every day that affect people and families from all professions, law enforcement spouses are different in that they watch their loved one strap on a bullet-proof vest and knowingly and willingly walk into uncertain danger every work day. For most, the news of an officer being injured or killed in the line of duty is another sad story in the paper; disturbing, yes, but something easily forgotten once the news cycle winds down. For most departments, this usually means alternating shifts and rotating days off. Depending on where an officer works, she may only get weekends off every 3 months or so. The same is true for day shift.

Grab yours today!! My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We were young, still in school and our careers at that point in time were not a hot topic. Time went on, we graduated, began going to college and my husband then boyfriend was still talking about law enforcement. More than just talking about it, getting a degree related to law enforcement and looking at agencies to apply to.

This rainbow of emotions that you have has no problem with telling the world, with a daily dose of updated facebook statuses, of how unique and special this love truly is. At first it feels like a cute novelty that makes you gush with pride around your family and friends. You proudly display your handsome or lovely in a full uniform photo anywhere you think people might see it. When it comes to marriage, cops really need no help at all from the citizens they serve. Oh, and before you square pegs start touting how wonderful your cop marriage is, you are an anomaly.


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