Why was gandhi a pacifist

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why was gandhi a pacifist

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Mahatma Gandhi, the defining figure of the Indian nationalist campaign against British colonial rule in India, is known by most as an anti-imperialist, whose peaceful non-violent methods helped to overthrow British rule. This myth has been perpetuated by many. The truth, however, is that he betrayed as many as he inspired in the independence campaign, stood wholeheartedly with British imperialist interests, consolidated existing inequalities including caste, racial, and gender discrimination, and ultimately his role helped lead to the calamitous disaster of partition.


For many, Hinduism is a religion which follows pacifist principles because there are clear reasons to lead a non-violent lifestyle. In general many Hindus do not agree with violence because:. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most famous Hindus in history. He firmly believed in ahimsa and dedicated his life to achieving justice and harmony. Gandhi taught that he would rather die himself than inflict violence onto another:. Refusing to use any force, Gandhi achieved equality laws in India.

One of the most famous leaders of a non-violent movement was Mohandas K. Gandhi (), who opposed British imperial rule in India during the 20th.
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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Non-violence doesn't just mean not doing violence; it's also a way of taking positive action to resist oppression or bring about change. The essence of non-violent technique is that it seeks to liquidate antagonisms but not the antagonists. The aim of non-violent conflict is to convert your opponent; to win over their mind and heart and persuade them that your point of view is right. An important element is often to make sure that the opponent is given a face-saving way of changing their mind. Non-violent protest seeks a 'win-win' solution whenever possible. In non-violent conflict the participant does not want to make their opponent suffer; instead they show that they are willing to suffer themselves in order to bring about change.

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